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What Can You Do With A Major In Public Health? 

PUBLIC HEALTH…is a social and behavioral science with the goal of promoting healthy living while preventing disease and illness. A public health professionals’ purpose is to positively influence the health behavior of individuals and communities by placing a focus on assessing community needs, planning, implementing, and evaluating health programs designed to improve health and lifestyle.  

Brooks College of Health 
Public Health Courses

Career Paths 

Community Health - organize community coalitions to solve public health problems   

Corporate Wellness and Fitness - planning and managing health promotion programs for employees in a variety of work settings, such as health fitness centers, hospitals, social service agencies, volunteer health organizations 

Patient Health - working with other health care professionals in hospitals, long term care facilities, and other healthcare agencies in providing health education information 

Research  discovering new methods to prevent disease and injury, reduce risks, and improve health of others 

Environmental Health -focus on external health threats, hazards, safety concerns, and natural disasters 

School and College Health -teaching school and behavioral health, providing coaching for students  


Typical Job Titles

 Alcohol Educator/Counselor                    

Community Health Coordinator               

Community Outreach Coordinator

Corporate Fitness Coordinator     

Domestic Violence Educator                   

Family Life Educator          

Health Advocate                 

Health Education Coordinator

Health Promotions Coordinator               

Healthy Start Coordinator             

Patient Education Coordinator     

Prevention Program Coordinator 

Public Information Specialist                   

Rape Prevention Educator

Teen Outreach Coordinator          

Tobacco Educator             

Wellness Coordinator

Typical Employers/Work Settings


Disease Centers  

Government Agencies  

Health Foundations 


Non-Profit Organizations  

Private Health Organizations  

Private Research Foundations 

Public Health Departments  

Wellness Centers 

Links To Professional Associations 

American College of Epidemiology