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What Can You Do With A Major In Public Administration? 


Public Administration can be described as a link between politics and public policy. It involves the goals and problems of public administration, and how it ties into various aspects of planning, organization, management, and analysis in the public sector at the national, state, and local levels. This field pertains to those interested in careers such as urban planning, international organizations, non-profit institutions, and government-relations work in private firms.

General Administration
Health Administration
Local Government Policy and Administration
Nonprofit Management 

Certificate Programs:
Certificate in Non Profit Management
Certificate in Conflict Transformation
Certificate in Applied Ethics

Typical Career Paths

Local Government
State Government
Federal Government
Political Support Groups
Lobbying Organizations
Non Profit
International Affairs

Typical Job Titles

Note: Some of these occupations might require advanced degrees

Foreign Service Officer   Governmental Treasury Officer
Teacher   Admissions Officer
Election Officer   Political Geographer
Intelligence Specialist   Assistant City Manager
Administrative Assistant   Research Assistant
Civil Preparedness Officer   Intergovernmental Relations Officer
Law Enforcement Officer   Job Developer
Public Opinion Pollster   Security Consultant
Media Elections Analyst   Economic Risks Analyst
Quality Control Specialist   Public Affairs Officer
Fund-raising Specialist   Claims Examiner
Legislative Analyst   Reporter
Court Administrator   Legal Investigator
Parole Officer   Corrections Officer

Typical Employers/Work Settings

Counties   Townships
School Districts   Legislative Agencies
State Government Agencies   Federal Government Agencies
Local Government Agencies   Education
Public Parties and Civic Groups   Business/Industry
Law Enforcement   Political Action Committees
Political Campaigns   Lobbying Organizations
Foundations   Professional Associations
Labor Unions   Museums
Retail Stores   Manufacturers
Insurance Companies   Consulting Firms
Research Organizations   Universities/Colleges

Match This Major To Careers 

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Beginning Salary Ranges

According to, the average salary for Public Administration is $53,000 per year.

Salary Resources

Links To Professional Associations

American Society for Public Administration 
The American Political Science Association Online 
National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration 
National Academy of Public Administration 
Institute of Public Administration 
Public Relations Society of America

Job Search Information

Nassau County Employment Opportunities
Putnam County Human Resources
ARNOVA ‘Career Services

Graduate Schools

Applying To Graduate and Professional Schools

Link To UNF Academic Program

The Department of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of North Florida offers a Master of Public Administration with tracks in General Administration, Health Administration, National Security, and Local Government Policy and Administration.

The UNF Masters of Public Administration is a nationally-accredited degree program intended to prepare students for successful careers as managers in the public and nonprofit sectors.

Holland Interest Codes

Public Administration- Enterprising; Social; Realistic (ESR) 
Public Policy- Social; Enterprising; Investigative  (SEI)

Career Action Plan

  • Conduct an informational interview with or shadow a professional in the field to gain more knowledge about this career
  • Do at least one internship related to your career goal/program of study before graduating to gain experience
  • Get involved in volunteer work and community service
  • Develop leadership skills through on-campus activities such as Presidential Envoys, Residence Assistant, Student Government, Peer Advisor, etc.
  • Develop team skills through involvement in student clubs and organizations on campus
  • Join a professional association related to your career choice
  • Volunteer for national or local campaigns