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What Can You Do With A Major In Philosophy?

Philosophy deals with many issues such as the limits of human knowledge, the different aspects of reality, the foundation of value, and the nature of logic and correct reasoning. The study of philosophy provides the highest level of training in the analytical or reasoning skills needed by those pursuing careers in law, teaching, government, and business. Philosophical ideas can be applied to many aspects of life and experiences, and therefore can be used in a variety of careers.


Philosophy Program



General Philosophical Studies - Students in this track are free to select their 15 elective hours (five courses) from any courses offered by the program; they are encouraged, however, to include in their program of study courses identified by the different philosophy prefixes--PHH, PHI, PHM, and PHP.

Advanced Studies - This track is available for students planning graduate study in philosophy. Students choose five courses from the following:

Literary and Cultural Studies - This track is available for artists, writers, and performers interested in the theoretical foundations of their work; for prospective teachers of literature and the arts; and for students planning graduate work in literary theory or cultural studies.

Legal, Political, and Social Studies - This track is available for students planning careers in public affairs, law, management, international relations or for those planning graduate work in social or political theory.

Studies in Applied Ethics - This track is available for pre-professional students who wish to develop a comparative understanding of value issues across professions or are planning graduate work in theoretical or applied ethics.

Historical and Comparative Studies - This track is available for students interested in exploring the range and diversity of philosophical themes as developed over time and across cultures.

Career Paths








Religious Organizations


Social Services

Job Titles

Arts Consultant



Editorial Interviewer


Human Resources Manager


Law Enforcement Agent

News Writer

Political Analyst

Public Relations Specialist

Public Service Official

Social Program Officer

Social Worker

Employers/Work Settings

Advertising Agencies

Consulting Firms



Government Agencies

Law Firms

Media Organizations

Political Parties

Private/Public Schools

Publishing Companies

Religious Organizations

Research Institutes

Professional Associations

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Graduate Schools

Applying To Graduate and Professional Schools

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The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Florida offers a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.