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What Can You Do With A Major In Mathematics?

Mathematics is a linguistic activity with a clear and precise communication of meaning, in which it always has a certainty of the proof. Mathematics provides a wide variety of skills, along with background and theory of practice that may be used to pursue graduate work, research, teaching in secondary schools, and various types of industries.


Mathematics Program


Mathematics, B.A., B.S.

Applied Mathematics, B.S.

Discrete Analysis, B.S.

Career Paths


Analysis Operations


Computer Programming



Financial Analysis


Investment Banking


Research: Applied, Theoretical

Risk Management

Sales: Consumer Product, Financial Services, Industrial

Software Development

Systems Analysis/Development



Job Titles


Cost Analyst

Data Control Administrator

Financial Consultant

Financial Manager

Information Scientist

Investment Banker

Loan Officer

Mathematics Teacher

Numerical Analyst

Operations Research Analyst

Public Health Statistician

Purchasing/Contract Agent

Quality Assurance Analyst

Rate Analyst

Research Analyst

Risk and Insurance Specialist

Systems Analyst


Employers/Work Settings

Commercial Banks

Computer Services Companies

Consulting Firms

Engineering Firms

Federal/State Government Agencies

Insurance Companies

Financial Services Firms

Private/Public Schools

Product and Service Organizations

Regulation Agencies: Federal Reserve, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Software and Technology Companies

Professional Associations

Job Search Information

Graduate Schools

Applying To Graduate And Professional Schools

Link To UNF Academic Program

The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Florida offers a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics.