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What Can You Do With A Major In Marketing?

Marketing provides soft and hard skills to create, communicate, deliver and exchange value for customers, clients and partners. Marketing provides the ideas and practical experience that help students learn how to create compelling products and campaigns that strike a chord in customers' hearts and minds to captivate them. Marketing is one of the broadest fields in business, covering many different areas. If you have an interest in psychology, art, writing, statistics, planning, meeting customers or communication with data, this is a good major for you to consider.


Marketing Program

Career Paths

Advertising and Promotions

Data Analytics

Entertainment Marketing

Market Research

Internet Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Job Titles

Account Representative

Brand Manager


Consumer Affairs Specialist

Distribution Manager

Import/Export Manager

Internet Marketing Specialist

Market Representative

Marketing Researcher

Product Manager

Research Analyst

Retail/Sales Manager

Social Media Manager

Telemarketing Representative

Employers/Work Settings

Consumer Goods Corporations

Financial Institutions


Hotel and Convention Centers

Insurance Companies


Marketing Research Firms

Non-profit Organizations

Print and Electronic Media Outlets

Public Relations Firms

Real Estate Brokers and Firms

Retail Stores


Professional Associations

Job Search/Career Information