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What Can You Do With A Major In Building Construction?

Construction Managers are responsible for planning and directing construction projects. They inspect the construction, alteration, and repair of structures to make sure that they meet the terms of the regulations and contract specifications. They manage the equipment and any permits, licenses and contracts needed to carry out the specific plans of a construction project. They work for federal, state, or local governments and usually work in settings such as construction firms, architectural offices, governmental agencies, developmental firms, and at colleges and technical schools.


Building Construction Program

Career Paths

Building and Code Inspection

Building Materials Industry

Contract Administration

Construction Management

Green Building Consulting

Municipal Contracts Management

Product Sales


Real Estate Development

Specialty Trade Contracting

Job Titles

Assistant Project Engineer

Construction Foreman

Construction Proposal Writer

Cost Control Engineer

Engineering Technician



Land Acquisition Specialist

Project Scheduler

Quality Assurance Specialist

Safety Engineer


Employers/Work Settings

Building Inspection Firms

Building Supplies Wholesale Companies

Business Management Firms

Commercial Construction Firms

Construction Estimation Agencies

Construction Management Companies

Construction Surveillance Companies

Recruiter/Construction Firms

Green Construction Firms

Residential Construction Firms

Real Estate Development Firms

Professional Associations

Job Search Information

Graduate School

Applying To Graduate and Professional Schools

Link to UNF Academic Programs

The College of Computing, Engineering and Construction at the University of North Florida offers a Bachelor of Science inConstruction