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What Can You Do With A Major In Chemistry?

Chemistry deals with research and knowledge about chemicals, either artificial or toxic substances, or ones composed in physical things. They have developed new synthetic fibers, paints, adhesives, drugs, cosmetics, electronic components, lubricants, and many other products. Advances in medicine, agriculture, food processing, and other areas have been influenced by the research on the chemistry of living things. Many chemists work in research, in either basic or applied, development, or in investigation of laws that govern the combination of elements. Basic research investigates the properties, composition, and structure of matter, and applied research creates new products or improves old ones.


Chemistry Program 



General Chemistry
Materials Chemistry
Pre-Medical Professions

Career Paths

Agricultural Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Chemical Engineering
Environmental Analysis
Food Science
Inorganic Chemistry
Materials Science
Organic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry

Job Titles

Agricultural Engineer
Chemical Engineer
Clarifying Plant Operator
Color Development Chemist
Crime Lab Analyst
Environmental Health Specialist
High School Teacher
Occupational Safety Specialist
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Plastics Engineer
Product Developer
Product Tester
Research Associate
Science Lab Technician
Wastewater Treatment Chemist
Water Purification Chemist

Employers/Work Settings

Agricultural Products Companies
Cosmetic Companies
Drug Stores
Environmental Engineering Firms
Federal Drug Administration
Food Manufacturers
Government Agencies
National Institute of Health
Natural Resources Organizations
Packaging Companies
Pharmaceutical Companies
Plastic Manufacturers
Research Laboratories
Textile Companies
Waste Treatment Facilities
Water Processing Plant

Professional Associations

Job Search Information

Graduate Schools

Applying To Graduate and Professional Schools

Link To UNF Academic Program

The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Florida offers a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.