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What Can You Do With A Major In Biology?

Careers in the field of biology vary in the type of job and setting one works in. Most people in the field of biology work in the area of research and development. Other types of work include management, administration, planning and administrating programs for testing food and drugs, consulting to business firms or government, writing for technical publications, sales and service for chemical manufacturing companies and testing and inspecting food, drugs, and other products.


Biology Program


Biomedical Sciences, B.S.

Coastal Environmental Science, B.S.

Coastal and Marine Biology, B.S.

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, B.S.

Molecular/Cell Biology and Biotechnology, B.S.

Career Paths


Biomedical Research and Development


Food Processing

Health Care

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Job Titles

Biological Technician

Conservation Scientist

Cytogenetic Technologist

Environmental Science and Protection Technician

Environmental Scientist and Specialist

Environmental Specialist

Industrial Ecologist

Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologist

Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologist


Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Quality Control Analyst

Soil and Water Conservationist

Employers/Work Settings

Agricultural Industry

Biotechnology Firms

Chemical Companies

Conservation Agencies

Cosmetic Industry

Environmental Agencies

Fish Hatcheries


Inspection Agencies

Medical Research Laboratories

Pharmaceutical Companies

Professional Associations

Job Search Information