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What Can You Do With A Major In Behavioral Neuroscience?

UNF offers a B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience for students interested in studying the biological basis of human behavior. The interdisciplinary curriculum focuses on the brain circuitry and other biological factors underlying normal and abnormal human development, cognition, perception, social interaction, mental health and drug use. Students will gain a broad understanding of biological and psychological principles and techniques, and will acquire laboratory, research, technological and other practical skills required for further study and career opportunities in related fields. Specifically, students will be trained in a variety of behavioral, cellular and molecular, neuroanatomical, and neurobiological techniques necessary to approach questions of interest using animal and human model systems. A Behavioral Neuroscience degree will prepare students for a variety of careers and areas of continued education. Students will be prepared for doctoral program in fields such as neuroscience, biochemistry, molecular biology, neuropsychology, cognitive science, and medicine. Depending on their specific course of study, students also may be prepared to pursue career opportunities in such fields as healthcare, pharmacology, physical therapy, bioengineering, artificial intelligence, and research and development.


Behavioral Neuroscience Program

Career Paths



Laboratory Assisting


Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy


Social Services

Job Titles

Addictions Worker

Autism Interventionist

Biochemical Researcher

Clinical Research Assistant

Genetic Engineering Research Assistant

Health Educator

Industrial Lab Researcher


Medical Lab Research Assistant

Medical Researcher

MRI Technician

Employers/Work Settings

Biotechnology Firms

Correctional Facilities

Health Clinics


Law Firms

Mental Health Institutions

Nursing Homes

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Political Action Committees

Public Health Organizations

Rehabilitation Centers

Research Institutions

Trade and Professional Associations

University Science Centers

Professional Associations

Job Search Information