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What Can You Do With A Major In Accounting?

Accounting involves the preparation, examination and verification of the reporting of financial and business transactions to managers in business, industry and government. The major fields of accounting are public, management, government and internal auditing. Professional recognition through certification or licensure provides a distinct advantage in the job market.


Accounting Program

Career Paths

Corporate Accounting


Government Accounting

Non-Profit Accounting

Private/Public Accounting

Job Titles

Accounting Manager



Budgetary Control Analyst

Business Analyst

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)


Cost Accountant

Financial Planner/Manager

Management Accountant

Revenue Tax Accountant/Specialist

Risk Management Consultant

Staff Accountant

Employers/Work Settings

Accounting Firms

Banking Firms


Federal Government Agencies

Financial Institutions


Insurance Companies

Internal Auditing Agencies

Labor Unions

Law Enforcement Agencies

Manufacturing Companies

Non-Profit Organizations

Religious Organizations

Retail Companies


Tax Companies

Professional Associations

Job Search Information