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UNF Academic Majors Listed With Holland Codes

The Holland Code or the Holland Occupational Themes (RIASEC), is a theory of careers and vocational choice based upon personality types. It was developed by the psychologist John L. Holland. Each letter or code stands for a particular "type":

  • Realistic-"Doers"- People who prefer to work with things, machines, tools, plants, or animals; like to be outdoors; have athletic ability
  • Investigative-"Thinkers"- People who like to observe, investigate, analyze, evaluate, and solve problems
  • Artistic-"Creators"- People who are artistic, like unstructured situations, and like using their imagination and creativity
  • Social-"Helpers"- People who like to work with people to enlighten, inform, help, teach, or cure them; possess excellent verbal skills
  • Enterprising-"Persuaders"- People who like to work with people influencing, persuading, leading or managing to achieve goals or economic gain
  • Conventional- "Organizers"- People who like to work with data, have clerical and numerical skills; very detailed oriented; follow others' instructions

Most people don't fall under just one Holland Code, but several. As a result, most aptitude tests that measure the Holland Codes return an individual's top three personality types. This is helpful because most people thrive at their career when able to bring a blend of personality traits.


College of Arts And Sciences
Majors Holland Codes
Anthropology: Anthropology IRE
Fine Arts: Ceramic AES
Fine Arts: Sculpture AER
Art: Ceramics AES
Art: Sculpture ARS
Art: Printmaking AER
Fine Arts: Painting ARS
Fine Arts: Drawing ASI
Fine Arts: Printmaking ARS
Art: Art History AES
Art: Drawing ASI
Fine Arts: Digital-Media & Graphic Design ASI
Fine Arts: Photography AES
Biology: Biomedical Sciences IR
Biology: Coastal Biology IRC
Biology: Coastal Environmental Science IRS
Biology: Ecology and Evolution Biology IR
Biology: Molecular/Cell Bio. & Biotech ICR
Chemistry: Chemistry IRC
Chemistry: Materials Chemistry IRE
Chemistry: Pre-Medical Professions ISA
Communication: Advertising EAS
Communication: Electronic Media ASE
Communication: Journalism ASE
Communication: Public Relations EAS
Criminal Justice: Criminal Justice EIS
Economics: Economics ICE
English: English SAI
English: English Drama ASE
History: History I
International Studies: Asian Studies SIA
International Studies: European Studies SIA
International Studies: Latin American Studies SIA
International Studies: Middle East-African Studies SIA
International Studies: Int'l Relations & Politics IAS
International Studies: Foreign Language & Culture SAI
Mathematics: Mathematics ICA
Mathematics: Discrete Analysis ICA
Music Jazz Studies: Jazz Studies AES
Music Education: Music Education SA
Music Performance: Classical Piano AE
Music Performance: Classical Voice AE
Music Performance: Harp AE
Music Performance: Strings AE
Music Performance: Piano Pedagogy AE
Music Performance: Woodwinds, Brass, Percus AE
Philosophy: General SAI
Philosophy: Historical and Comparative Studies SAI
Philosophy: Advanced Studies SAI
Philosophy: Literary & Cultural Studies SAI
Philosophy: Legal, Political and Social Studies SAI
Philosophy: Applied Ethics SAI
Physics: Physics IR
Physics: Astrophysics IAR
Physics: Civil Engineering RIC
Physics: Computing Emphasis IRE
Physics: Electrical Engineering IR
Physics: Mechanical Engineering IRC
Physics: Pre-Med Physics ISR
Political Science: Political Science IAS
Political Science: American Politics SEI
Political Science: Int;l Rel/Comparative Politics IAS
Political Science: Public Admin/Public Policy SEI
Political Science: Public Law EIA
Psychology: Psychology ISA
Psychology: Child Psychology SAI
Sociology: Sociology IAS
Sociology: Social Welfare SAE
Spanish: Spanish SAI
Statistics: Statistics CI


Coggin College of Business (CCB)
Majors Holland Codes
Accounting: Accounting CE
Business Management: Management ECS
Economics: Economics ICE
Finance: Finance EC
Financial Services: Financial Planning ECS
International Business: International Business ESR
Marketing: Marketing ESA
Transportation & Logistics: Transportation & Logistics REC


College of Computing, Engineering & Construction
Majors Holland Codes
Building Construction: Building Construction ERI
Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering IRE
Computer & Information Sciences: Computer Science IRE
Computer & Information Sciences: Information Science EIS
Computer & Information Sciences: Information Sys/Business Minor EIS
Computer & Information Sciences: Information Technology EIS
Electrical Engineering: Engineering (System Design) RES
Electrical Engineering: Engineering (Computer Design) RIE
Mechanical Engineering: Engineering RIS


College of Education & Human Services (COEHS)
Majors Holland Codes
Art Education: Art Education (K-12) ASE
Elementary Education: Elementary Education (K-6) SEC
English Education: English (6-12) SEC
Mathematics Education: Mathematics (6-12) SAE
Middle School Education: Math/Science Option IRE
Music Education: Music (K-12) AES
Physical Education: Physical Education (K-12) SER
PreKdg/Primary Education: PreKdg/Primary Education SA
Sign Language Interpreting: Sign Language Interpreting ASE
Science Education: Biology (6-12) SI
Science Education: Chemistry (6-12) SIR
Science Education: Physics (6-12) SIR
Social Studies Education: Social Studies (6-12) SAI
Special Education: Exceptional Student Education SA
Special Education: Deaf Studies SA
Sports Management : Sports Management ERS
Sports Management: Community Sports ERS


Brooks College of Health (BCH)
Majors Holland Codes
Health Administration: Health Administration ESC
Health Science: Nutrition IS
Health Science: Community Health SE
Health Science: Exercise Science SIR
Nursing SIR