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Man standing in road reading a road map to check out the career roadmap for direction

Career Roadmap: 4-Year Career Plan

First Year: Explore Self, Majors, and Careers

Your first year at UNF will be filled with excitement, anticipation, and a vast amount of new information and experiences. While acclimating to college life, focus on the following:

Second Year: Confirm Major and Complete Prerequisites

As you start your second year, you typically have a better understanding of your academic abilities; however, you may have discovered that your interests have changed or that you need more information. While you continue with activities from the first year, here are some additional things to focus on:

Third Year: Develop Employability Skills and Gain Relevant Work Experience

By this point, you should be in the "Career Implementation" phase of the career planning process, which includes making sure you are on track academically while gaining work experience related to your major and career interests.

Fourth Year: Commence the Career Implementation Process

Now, you are ready to engage in your job search plan and get the job you want.