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Self Assessment

Before selecting an academic major and career path, understanding who you are (Self Assessment) is an important first step. Knowing your skills, interests, values and personality characteristics will help you match up to majors and careers.

Career Counseling

Career Counselors meet you wherever you are in this process of discovery, and Career Assessments are supplemental tools they often use to help validate your decisions. Discuss thoughts, feelings and concerns regarding your interests, personal preferences, values and skills as they relate to majors and viable career options. Career Counselors help you determine the "next best step" through a mutual development of your personalized Career Action Plan. The end result is your gaining confidence and information to make wise decisions.

Career Assessments

Select Career Assessment options are detailed below. Schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor for more information and jumpstart your career plans. Career Counselors are available for customized one-on-one appointments. This service is available to all students and alumni who are registered with Career Services. To schedule an appointment, please call or visit Career Services at 620-2955 or stop in to Founders Hall Building 2, Room 1011. Appointments are scheduled for 60 minutes and during office hours.


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Before taking an assessment first meet with a career counselor or your faculty member to determine if a formal career assessment is needed. Then determine the correct assessment to take.

Taking A Career Assessment

Please read the descriptions for each group before selecting to ensure that your assessment is processed correctly then click on the link to take the assessment.


PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS A $20 FEE TO TAKE THE MBTI OR THE STRONG INTEREST INVENTORY A FREE self-directed self assessment career program, Focus 2, is listed below and is made available by Career Services.


If you are taking the assessments for a class assignment, your professor/instructor will provide you with the link needed to access the assessments.

  1. STUDENTS BY APPOINTMENT WITH A CAREER COUNSELOR- MBTI This link is for students who are taking the MBTI after meeting with a Career Counselor. The Career Counselor has advised taking these assessments to assist with your career development.
  2. STUDENTS BY APPOINTMENT WITH A CAREER COUNSELOR-STRONG INTEREST INVENTORY This link is for students who are taking the Strong Interest Inventory after meeting with a Career Counselor. The Career Counselor has advised taking this assessment to assist with your career development.

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Self-Directed Career Assessment

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An online, interactive system that combines self assessment, major and career exploration, decision making, and action planning into one comprehensive system. Focus 2 will help you identify your strengths, interests and professional goals so you can identify potential majors/minors, create an academic plan, and map out your career path. Call Career Services (904) 620-2955 for the Access Code.


After completing the Focus2 assessments, we recommend making an appointment with one of our career counselors to go over your results and develop an action plan for your career.