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Undergraduate Studies Council

Mission and Charge

The mission of the Undergraduate Studies Council is to advance the goals of the university as they pertain to excellence in undergraduate education, undergraduate student learning, and undergraduate student development and academic services. The Undergraduate Studies Council is responsible for recommending to the President, Provost, and Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Studies and reporting to the Faculty Association (and its relevant committees) on matters relating to undergraduate education, undergraduate enrichment programs, and the undergraduate academic experience. The Council shall advise the President, Provost, and Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Studies on the development of new, and revision of existing, undergraduate enrichment programs and academic services.


Accountability and administrative structure

Early warning systems and interventions for off-course students

Charting a path to degree completion

Academic and co-curricular best practices for lower-level student success

Council Members

2013 - 2014

Name Representing Unit Status / Term Expires
Jeff Coker Undergraduate Studies // Chairperson Non-Voting
Lian An CCB Voting / Spring 2014
Elizabeth Fullerton COEHS Voting / Spring 2015
Nuria Ibañez COAS Voting / Spring 2015
Peter Magyari BCH Voting / Spring 2014
Siho Nam COAS Voting / Spring 2014
Karthikeyan Umapathy CCEC Voting / Spring 2015
Dei Allard Housing and Residence Life Non-Voting
Annabel Brooks Institute for Values, Community and Leadership Non-Voting
Heather Burk Center for Community-Based Learning Non-Voting
Lucy Croft Student Affairs Non-Voting
Linda Howell Writing Program Non-Voting
Leslie Kaplan Honors Program Non-Voting
Sam Kimball General Education Council Non-Voting
Judith Miller Institutional Research and Assessment Non-Voting
Karen Reedy Academic Center for Excellence Non-Voting
Dan Richard Office of Faculty Enhancement Non-Voting
Vivian Senior Career Services Non-Voting
TBA Student Government Association Non-Voting