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Undergraduate Studies

Common Academic Policies

  • FAFSA Verification

    Verification is a process to confirm that the information provided on the FAFSA is accurate. Each year, the federal government randomly selects approximately 30% of ALL students submitting the FAFSA for verification. Most applications are selected at random; others because of inconsistent information. UNF reserves the right to select students for verification, if discrepant information is received.

    Verification ensures that the information students and parents report on their FAFSA is accurate. Verification prevents ineligible students from receiving aid if they reported incorrect information and ensures that eligible students receive all of the aid for which they are qualified.

    Please visit the OneStop Student Services verification webpage for a detailed list of steps. OneStop is responsible for document intake as you satisfy the requirements of verification

    Go to Verification Page

  • Registration Fees
  • Appeals
    • Appeals related to fees are handled by the Student Financial Services office.
      • If denied In-State Residency
      • If denied In-State Residency Reclassification
      • To review Residency Reclassification or Initial Residency Classification after the deadline
      • If denied Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal
      • For loss of Institutional Scholarship (UNF Presidential, Blue and Gold, Blue and Silver, etc.)
      • For loss of State Scholarship (Florida Bright Futures)Appeals related to enrollment and financial aid issues are handled by Enrollment Services. A detailed listing of applicable policies and procedures can be found on the Enrollment Services policy page. The following issues may be appealed with their office:
    • For assistance navigating the appeals process, please contact the University Ombuds.
  • Communicating with OneStop

    There are three ways to get in touch with the OneStop Student Services office:

    1. By phone: Students or their authorized representatives can call the office at 904-620-5555 between the hours of 8-5 Monday-Thursday, and 9-5 on Fridays. Be aware that peak call times occur midday and may result in extended wait times.
    2. Via email: Students may complete an email contact form to send an email to the office. 
    3. In person: The office is located in Ann and David Hicks Hall, Building 53, Suite 1700, and takes walk-ins between 8-5 Monday-Friday. 

    If you experience significant problems or delays when contacting OneStop, please contact the Persistence Advocate in the SASS office via email

  • When to contact OneStop

    OneStop can help you with a variety of things. Please refer to the list below:


    Contact OneStop for:

    • Admissions/Transfer Admissions
    • FAFSA Verification
    • Financial Aid: Grants, Scholarships, loans
    • Holds (not all holds: Refer to office that initiated hold on account)
    • Records and Registration: Ordering Transcripts, add, drop and withdrawals
    • Residency
    • Updating Personal information for MyWings


    OneStop does NOT handle:

    • Academic Advising
    • Fee Waivers
    • Florida Prepaid
    • Housing Arrangements
    • Immunization Records
    • Meal Membership
    • Parking Services
    • Payments
    • Payment Plans
  • Other Questions
    For other questions regarding Financial Aid, please visit the Financial Aid FAQs page and consult the published Financial Aid Guide.
  • Course Withdraws

    Students are permitted three (3) withdraws from lower-level courses (1000-2000 level) and three (3) withdraws from upper-level courses (3000-4000 level). If you are considering withdrawing from a course, consult with your Academic Advisor to determine how it will impact your degree program.

    Students may withdraw (a) in the myWings web portal through the "Registration Tile">"Registration Tools">"Withdraw from Courses," (b) by completing an official withdrawal request in the OneStop Student Services office, or (c) sending a signed request for withdrawal postmarked no later than the deadline. 

    To appeal the withdraw limit, please follow the procedures for a petition of academic policy found on the Registrar's Office appeals page.

  • Complete Withdrawal
    Complete Withdrawal is the formal process of leaving the University. It must be initiated by a student’s academic advisor at the student’s request. A complete withdrawal from all courses for the term is eligible to receive a 25% refund if processed by the deadline outlined on the Academic Calendar. For more information, please visit the Registrar's website for withdraw policies.
  • Grade Appeals

    Students may appeal grades which the student believes have been assigned: 

    1. arbitrarily or capriciously; 
    2. contrary to the criteria announced in the course; or
    3. for constitutionally and/or legally impermissible reasons.

    The procedure for filing grade appeals is detailed on the Registrar's Office appeals page. All appeals must originate with the instructor who assigned the grade. 

  • Policy Appeals

    Students may appeal the following policies through the Student Petition of Academic Policy Committee:

    • Extend the Late Registration Deadline
    • Extend the Course Transfer Deadline
    • Withdrawal After the Deadline
    • Exceed the Undergraduate Course Withdrawal Limitation Policy
    • Graduate with Fewer than 120 Credit Hours
    • Graduate with Fewer than 48 Upper Level Credit Hours
    • Waive the Board of Governors Summer Session Enrollment Requirement

    Detailed information on appeal procedures can be found on the Registrar's Office appeals page. For assistance in navigating the appeals process, please contact the University Ombuds.

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

    The university, by law, maintains standards that students must meet to remain eligible for assistance from Title IV student financial aid programs. The Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards are detailed on the Financial Aid Office's page

    • A student who achieves all Satisfactory Academic Progress standards is considered in Good Standing and may continue to receive Federal Student Aid.
    • A student in Good Standing who fails to meet any of the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards will be placed on Financial Aid Warning and may continue to receive Federal Student Aid for one semester.
    • A student on Financial Aid Warning who fails to meet any of the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension and is ineligible for Federal Student Aid.

    Students may appeal SAP suspension. For assistance navigating the appeals process, please contact the University Ombuds

  • Probation and Suspension

    Students who fail to maintain an institutional GPA of 2.0 or greater will be placed on Academic Probation for the following semester. If, after the probationary term, the student's GPA is still less than 2.0, they will be placed on Academic Suspension. The terms of suspension vary by college: