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Tutoring Expectations 

What you Can Expect from SASS Tutors


Tutors Will:

  • Provide you with encouragement and motivation
  • Respect your learning style
  • Encourage you in developing good study habits
  • Work with you at your level and pace on:
    • General concepts
    • Specific questions
    • Problems similar to the ones on your assignments 

Tutors Will Not:

  • Do your homework for you
  • Grade your work
  • Teach material you missed by not attending class
  • Discuss or recommend professors or classes

What Tutors Will Expect from You

  • Attend class on a regular basis and take notes
  • Read the material in your textbook before you come to tutoring
  • Have specific questions
  • Use Tutoring on a weekly basis -- not just before a test
  • Bring with you to tutoring:
    • Directions for assignments
    • Any necessary textbooks or course material
    • Class notes
    • Assignments that you have already attempted