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Persistence Advocacy


Student Academic Success Services (SASS) champions the goal of providing comprehensive support networks for every student at UNF. As a part of that initiative, Persistence Advocacy was introduced to provide an additional layer of support to students who may be facing persistence challenges. Specifically, Persistence Advocates focus on student populations identified as having an academic or institutional challenge that would inhibit their retention, timely progression, and/or graduation.


About the Program

The program’s mission is to advance student persistence through initiatives targeted at retention, timely progression, and graduation. Advocates interact with students, faculty, and staff to address both individual and systemic needs. On an individual level, advisors and other staff members refer students to the program to work on specific problems requiring additional help. Advocates also proactively identify and contact students, setting up early outreach and intervention plans. On a system-wide level, advocates actively review and evaluate programs, policies, and populations to make recommendations to administrators on persistence efforts. These reviews often involve working with diverse units on campus and gathering a wide array of information.


Contact Information

To make referrals, or if you have questions, please contact us at or by phone at 904-620-5891.