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Peer-Assisted Student Success (PASS) Programs

What is PASS?

Peer-Assisted Student Success (PASS) is a term used for various academic support programs put on by the Office of Student Academic Success Services (SASS) based on the concepts of Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL). PASS session leaders are students who have demonstrated a pattern of academic excellence and are trained to help other students achieve the same.

Types of PASS Programs

There are two main types of PASS Programs: Course-specific and Skills-based. 

  • Course-specific programs are designed on to meet the unique challenges of a particular subject in partnership with the relevant department and instructor. For a live schedule of course-specific programs, please visit PASS Session Schedule.
  • Skills-based programs are designed to help students build and develop critical academic skills necessary for success in college. These programs often take the form of workshops or webinars. 

Interested in PASS?

If you are interested in developing a PASS program to support your course or department, let us know! We are always working on innovative ways to support students in ways that produce quantifiable results. For more information, or to get started, contact us at