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How to become a PASS Leader

PASS leaders are students who have already successfully completed the course they want to facilitate PASS sessions for. They are recommended by faculty and are trained in the PASS collaborative learning approach. PASS leaders often attend class with their students or meet with faculty members regularly before then planning and facilitating regularly scheduled sessions that encourage student collaboration in order to gain a better understanding of the content being covered in class. The specific components of PASS sessions vary by program and need. The time commitment involved typically ranges from 9-11 hours per week.

Is this for you?

In general, we’re looking for students who:

  • Are high achieving students who have performed successfully in the class for which they plan to be an PASS leader (and preferably with the same professor, although that’s not always feasible);
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  • Are above the classification of freshman and have completed at least one semester at UNF;
  • Possess excellent interpersonal communication skills;
  • Have a schedule which allows them to attend lectures for the class for which they plan to be an PASS leader, or in other cases meet with the faculty;
  • Do not have a conduct record, and who demonstrate professionalism with faculty, staff and their peers.


We hire PASS leaders on an as-needed basis, typically prior to the start of each semester. For more information, please contact the PASS program at