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Poster Printing

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) provides low cost poster printing services for all UNF students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Please read the entire page before submitting a poster for printing. We require a minimum of 5 business days from poster submission to poster pick up. We strongly recommend picking up your poster at least one day before you will use the poster in case there are errors. 


Poster printing will be unavailable December 19, 2018 - January 23, 2019.

How to print a poster

1. Create your poster using PowerPoint or Adobe. If you need help with creation or design of your poster, then you should schedule a specialized appointment with the OUR. 

2. Pay for your poster. Follow all instructions on the payment website carefully. If you are in the Hick's Honors College, then you should enter "HONORS" at checkout after you put your credit card information in. If you are in the Hick's Honors College and use this code, then you will not be charged for your poster, but you must still complete the check out. Although the website asks for a shipping address, we do not ship posters. All posters are picked up at Undergraduate Studies in Founders Hall (Building 2, Suite 1200). 

3. Submit your poster to the OUR by emailing the attachment to You may send a PowerPoint or PDF file. Any other format will not be accepted. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of submitting your poster. 

4. If you are not printing a poster for FURC or SOARS, then you will receive a confirmation email when your poster is ready for pick up. You should pick up your poster at Undergraduate Studies in Founders Hall 5 business days after your poster is submitted. 


Poster requirements

  • One side of your poster may not exceed 42 inches in length (i.e., your poster cannot be 48" x 48")
  • Label your poster file name using the last name(s) for each author and poster dimension (e.g., Smith 36x48)
  • We can only print PDF or PowerPoint files. We do not accept Word, Publisher, or any online links to files. 
  • We do not recommend using any online template services for printing your poster (e.g.,, as these templates tend to not print well on office computers. If you use an online template service, then you should pay to print through that company website to guarantee that your poster will look how you want. If you use an online service and print through our office with erros, then you are still liable for that poster and the cost.
  • The dimensions of your poster must be set in the file that you send. For example, if you want a 36" x 48" poster, then you would size your PowerPoint slide to 36" x 48". The OUR will print the poster size that you send, not the size that you pay for. Helpful tutorials on resizing a poster file can be found on YouTube.
  • You must pay for your poster in full before picking up.
  • You must submit your poster for printing no later than 5 business days before you need to pick it up. We strongly recommend that you do not wait until the last minute to pick up your poster in case reprinting needs to occur. 

Cost of poster printing

The cost of poster printing is $.54 per linear inch. The cost is determined by the longest side of the poster, meaning a 36" x 48" poster would cost $25.92 (i.e., 48" x $.54  = $25.92) plus tax. Read the instructions on the payment portal very carefully. Enter the number of inches, from the length of the longest side, next to "Quantity" to calculate the price of your poster. Do not enter "1" for "Quantity" during payment. Faculty paying for posters through their department should email with the information and we will send an invoice to your office manager. 


If you are in the Hick's Honors College, then you should enter the code "HONORS" at checkout. You will still have to list your credit card information but will not be charged.

Poster printing templates

Poster template 1

Poster template 2

Poster template 3

Poster template 4


How to Create a Professional Poster


Frequently asked questions

When will my poster be ready for pick up? 

Your poster will be ready for pick up no later than 5 business days after submitted. You should receive an email when your poster is ready for pick up.


Where do I pick up my poster?

Poster pick up is at Undergraduate Studies in Founders Hall (Building 2, Suite 1200).


How do I resize my poster?

We recommend using YouTube for tutorials on resizing posters depending on the software that you are using.


What size should my poster be?

The size of your poster depends on the requirements of your conference or course. Most posters that we print are 36" tall x 48" wide. You should check with the conference webpage or your instructor for specific size requirements. 


If I find a mistake on my poster after it is printed, do I have to pay to reprint it?

If the Office of Undergraduate Research makes a mistake printing your poster, then we will reprint for you at no charge. If the error is on behalf of the customer, then the customer will have to pay the full price for a reprint. 


The payment website asks for my shipping address; are you shipping this poster to me?

No. The shipping address is a formal prompt on behalf of the CashNet website. We do not ship posters.