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My own undergraduate research experience was a turning point for me. For the first time I understood that learning could be truly active and transferrable to other situations and that I could and should take responsibility for creating knowledge and answering real questions. Along with those realizations came many other habits of mind. Each has served me well in all aspects of my life and career...

MaryAnn Baenninger (COEUR, 1)

Welcome to academic year 2019-2020!

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) provides services and support to UNF undergraduates in all colleges, departments, and majors who are interested in research and creative projects. Studies and experience show that engaging in research or special projects as an undergraduate expands the intellect, strengthens a student's resume or curriculum vitae (CV), and enhances marketable skills. And research is fun!


What is undergraduate research?

The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) defines undergraduate research as "an inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline."


This definition, although useful and accepted within certain STEM disciplines, is contested. Practitioners of the humanities, among other scholarly fields, may question the required phrases "original" and "contribution to the discipline" within the undergraduate context. For these scholars, undergraduate research is a pedagogical tool: a critical entry-level stage toward development of the advanced investigative and interpretive praxes which result in original contributions to the field.


What is understood and embraced across academic disciplines is the value of focused inquiry, understanding of the existing scholarly or creative work relative to that inquiry, systematic primary investigation, and demonstration of evidence-based results -- research -- conducted during the undergraduate years. Engagement in faculty-mentored undergraduate research can positively transform a student's college experience and life beyond.


OUR specializes in helping students prepare for, identify, and pursue opportunities to work with faculty mentors on research and creative projects. We also offer travel, conference, research, and creative and special project scholarship grants, as well as workshops and poster conference opportunities. Stay tuned this year for another way to showcase student research and projects in a new undergraduate research journal!