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Faculty Resources

Early Academic Alerts

The Early Academic Alert System (EAAS) is a program through which faculty can alert a student, the student's academic advisor, and relevant support services on campus that the student is performing poorly in a particular course. This program is designed as a tool which enables Faculty and Advisors to partner together in identifying students who are struggling academically early in the semester. Instructors are encouraged to submit alerts for students who have struggled with course content, missed assignments, earned low test/quiz scores, and/or missed class. Alerts are issued via MyWings by choosing the Faculty Resources tile, then choosing the faculty services tab, then clicking on the Early Academic Alert System link. For additional information, please contact First-Year Advising.

Peer Tutoring

Tutoring is available in the Undergraduate Studies suite (2/1200), campus housing via the PATH program, and the Library. For a current schedule of subjects, locations, and availability, please visit the Tutoring Schedule.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a peer-facilitated academic support program developed by Dr. Deanna Martin at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). This program has been very effective in helping students; here at UNF in our pilot semester, students who attended at least 5 sessions saw a whole letter grade increase in the course. SI courses are courses identified as historically difficult courses here at UNF. SI leaders are students who have already taken the course here at UNF and have done well. These leaders offer sessions during the week to review material that was covered in lectures and readings. Attendance to sessions is completely voluntary and confidential - professors are not given specific student attendance information.

Writing Center

The Department of English Writing Center supports faculty instruction in several ways. Our staff can visit classes to offer a specific writing workshop or series of writing workshops. They can also work directly with faculty to add writing instruction or writing instruction support for any assignment. More broadly, our writing center staff are able to meet with academic program representatives or groups of faculty to draft and workshop assessment procedures.

Undergraduate Research

The program offers research experiences for undergraduates collaborating with UNF faculty members across the disciplines. The Office of Undergraduate Research assists students in planning for an undergraduate research experience, identifying faculty mentors and projects, defining research goals, identifying sources of funding, as well as presenting and publishing research findings.


The Center for Instruction & Research Technology (CIRT) offers expertise, resources, and training to assist faculty in ways that enable them to develop greater capacities for using technology for teaching and research. CIRT also disseminates ideas, frameworks, and materials that apply pedagogical knowledge to the teaching and learning process.

Transformational Learning Opportunities

The Transformational Learning Opportunities program is an initiative launched by President Delaney in 2005, in order to provide students with educational opportunities to broaden and deepen their intellectual and world views. $300,000 is provided each year for undergraduate and graduate programs to fund initiatives such as study abroad and undergraduate research, among others.

General Education

The overarching educational purpose of the General Education program is to provide students with opportunities to acquire and reinforce key intellectual competencies in writing effectively, thinking critically, reasoning and analyzing quantitatively, understanding and using the scientific method, and understanding and appreciating cultural differences.

University Catalog

The University of North Florida (UNF) provides its students with a broad array of quality undergraduate and graduate programs in the liberal arts and professional fields. Through these offerings, the University has earned a reputation for academic excellence. In addition, UNF plays a vital role in the cultural, economic and civic life of Northeast Florida.