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Transient Form Process

What is a Transient Student?

A transient student is one who is already enrolled at UNF and temporarily enrolls at another institution to transfer credits back.


Before pursuing transient enrollment at another institution, students must obtain approval from their UNF academic advising office, UNF Registrar's office, UNF Financial Aid office (if student indicates that they will be receiving aid) and the transient school online by submitting a transient form via


Concurrent enrollment / transient student status is limited to 7 semester hours for lower division students.


Exceptions to the above policy will be made for:

  • Students completing the summer residency requirement at a State of Florida Public University may be approved for up to 9 semester hours; however, students will not be approved for 7 hours at a community college and 9 hours at a state university so choose your institution and courses wisely!
  • Study Abroad classes

So, what do I need to do?

  • See an academic advisor to discuss appropriate transient courses.
  • Confirm that those courses are offered at the transient institution during the desired term.
  • Note the transient institution's course number, course title, and credit hours as well as any other prerequisites or co-requisites. This is the information you will need to complete your transient form.
  • Submit a transient student admissions application at to obtain the necessary approvals

How do I complete and submit the transient student admissions application?

Step 1: Confirm course is being offered at the institution you plan to attend

Step 2: Create a UNF FloridaShines PIN number through myWings

  1. Login to the myWings student portal
  2. Select Student Resources
  3. Select Student Self-Service
  4. Select Student Records
  5. Select FloridaShines PIN Management

Step 3: Access the FloridaShines Transient Student Admission Application

  1. Go to
  2. Hover over the Succeed in College icon
  3. Select Take a Course at Another School
  4. Read the Transient Student Admission Application instructions and select Apply or Check Status Now
  5. Select UNF as your Home Institution
  6. Enter your UNF Student ID Number and PIN. Select Continue.

Step 4: Complete the Transient Student Admission Application

  1. Read the Transient Student Admission Application introduction before selecting Next
  2. Select the UNF college of your major from the drop-down list of schools or colleges and then select Next. If you are a freshman student, please select First-Year Advising as your college of choice. If you are a sophomore student with an exploratory major, please select First-Year Advising as your college of choice. Honors students under 60 credits must submit the form to the Honors program.
  3. Complete the Transient Student Admission Application
  4. Answer two Financial Aid questions.
    • For guidance on how to answer the financial aid questions, please click Transient Coursework and Financial Aid.
    • The answers to these questions cannot be changed once the application has been submitted. You will need to submit a new application to make corrections or changes.
  5. Once complete, the application will be routed to:
    • Your UNF advisor for review and approval
    • The UNF Registrar's Office
    • The Office of Student Financial Aid (if requested)
    • The Host Institution you have requested to attend

Step 5: Track the Status of your Application

  1. Log back into your FloridaShines Application
  2. Check for Academic Advisor Authorization, signature from the college and date
  3. Check for Registrar Certification, with signature and date
  4. Check for Financial Aid Authorization, if requested, with signature and date
  5. Check for certification from Host Institution Registrar
  6. Check for Admissions Authorization from the Host Institution

You will receive email updates as it is approved by each department.

Does submitting the transient application take care of my registration and payment at the transient institution?

No. After your transient form has been approved, you will still need to:

  • Register and pay for the course at the transient institution
  • You may also need to provide additional information to the transient institution (like a UNF transcript)
  • If you plan to use financial aid to cover any portion of the cost for transient hours, contact One-Stop for the appropriate guidelines