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Placement Information

Some courses at UNF require you take an assessment to place into them. These are the most common placements our first-year students may need, depending on the curriculum required for their intended major.

Math Placement

You will be advised on your required math course during orientation based on the following criteria:

  • your declared major
  • any accelerated math credit earned through dual enrollment, AP, IB, AICE or CLEP exam

Students pursuing majors requiring College Algebra or higher will be reviewed through a predictive analytics model to determine the level of math they will be best served to start in for their future success.

Chemistry Placement 

UNF requires both math skills at the college algebra level or higher AND an online preparation course for students to take CHM 2045-General Chemistry I. The chemistry prep course modules are online in Canvas and are available to students who register for General Chemistry I. Once registered for the course, you are required to learn 85% of the objectives in order to stay in General Chemistry I. If you do not learn 85% of the objectives, you will be required to compete CHM 1025-Introduction to Chemistry before taking General Chemistry I.


The chemistry placement is accessed through your myWings portal under the Canvas tile. When in Canvas, select "All Courses", then "Chemistry Prep for Placement". When you sign into the ALEKS chemistry placement for the first time, you will take a knowledge assessment to determine the chemistry you already know. This should take about 90 minutes. After this, you can continue to work in the ALKES modules until August 14 (for the fall 2022 semester).

Foreign Language Placement

If you are looking to build on prior language studies in French, Spanish or Chinese (Mandarin), we encourage you to take the free online language placement and consult with the French, Spanish, or Chinese faculty afterwards about coursework to best suit your goals. To take the foreign language placement:

  1. Go to the Emmersion Assessment webpage. Enter your information to register and create an account. Once the account has been created, click "Sign In" to proceed.
  2. Sign in using the email address and password you just used to create your account. Be sure to save this login information in the event you need to access your account again. You can log back in anytime at Emmersion Assessment
  3. After signing in, you will be brought to a Dashboard. From here, you can select the language you would like to take by clicking on "Take Test" and proceeding through the exam.

Once you have finished the assessment, contact the chair of the Languages, Literatures and Cultures Department, Dr. Gregory Helmick, to discuss your results.

American Sign Language Placement

Students who have a background in American Sign Language and would like to try and place into a higher-level ASL course than our Beginning I level, can contact one of our ASL instructors in the College of Education and Human Services, Michael Stultz or Jonathan Antal, to schedule a placement.