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First-Year Advising Guide


Just as you may have found when you entered high school, you will discover that UNF offers new opportunities and challenges that will require you to build on old skills as well as develop new ones. Remember, you are here to get an education, both within and outside the classroom. UNF provides many opportunities and support systems to aid you as you mature in all facets of your life.


At UNF, administrators, professors and advisors expect students to take an active role in their education. However, we realize that in this new phase students sometimes do not even know what to ask. We hope this advising guide helps begin the process of empowering you, and that as you learn more and discover new questions, you will use the resources listed here. This guide will serve you as a new student at UNF and provide you with helpful information during your first year.

Should you have any questions regarding your transition to the University, please know that the first-year advisors are here to help you and address your concerns.