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Beyond Your Major

As you start your academic program at UNF, it is not too early to begin thinking about your long term goals.  Are you interested in participating in a study abroad opportunity during your undergraduate program?  Are you hoping to weave in some leadership opportunities to prepare you for a career directly after college?  Are you thinking of graduate or professional school after you complete your bachelor's degree?  If so, these are a few opportunities to consider and discuss with your advisor when you meet with them in your first-year.


Undergraduate Research

One of the outstanding opportunities available to students at UNF is the engagement in research and scholarly projects at the undergraduate level. Our undergraduate research program offers research experiences for undergraduates collaborating with UNF faculty member across the disciplines. One of the greatest benefits of becoming involved in research as an undergraduate is the insight it will give students on how to learn, how new knowledge is created and what you can accomplish when you become actively engaged in addressing your own research question.


View the Office of Undergraduate Research website or call 904-620-3942 for more information on how to get started in research. 


Study Abroad

Study abroad is an enriching, transformational experience that provides students with unique opportunities for academic, social and personal growth. Students can earn UNF credit while studying in another country. Study Abroad programs range in length from as short as one week, to a summer, a full semester or even an entire academic year. UNF offers many options for you to add an international dimension to your education through exchange programs, individual study abroad programs and UNF faculty-led study abroad programs. The choice is yours. No matter what your major is, UNF has a program to accommodate your interest and needs.


View the Global Engagement website or call 904-620-2916 for more information on the types of study abroad opportunities that are available to UNF students.


Leadership Program

In today's competitive job market, anything UNF students can do to set themselves apart from their peers will help them get noticed by potential employers or graduate schools. One way you can get that extra edge at UNF is by obtaining the Leadership Minor through the Taylor Leadership Institute. This program facilitates the education and development of students on how to become effective, ethical and value-based leaders with a commitment to excellence, focus, relevance and accountability. The Leadership Minor is a campus-wide collaborative program which is credentialed on the student's academic transcript.


View the Taylor Leadership Institute website or call 904-620-5934 for more information on the leadership opportunities available at UNF.


Graduate School

If you think you might want to go to graduate or professional school, it is important to start preparing early. While your GPA is important for graduate school, you will also need good scores on the entrance exam required by your graduate school (i.e., the GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, etc.), and strong letters of recommendation from faculty. If you really want to shine, consider doing undergraduate research, having a study abroad experience, participating in the UNF Leadership Program or completing an internship before graduating. Your advisor can help you plan for the goal of attending graduate school and provide you with the appropriate resources to prepare you for the graduate admissions process.


Pre-Law Program

The UNF Pre-Law Program assists students in preparing for law school and navigating the law school admission process. The program includes course advising, workshops, application and LSAT preparation assistance, internships, mentorships and events. Pre-Law is not a major. The UNF Pre-Law Program encourages students to fully engage in their chosen major field and develop the excellent logic, writing and critical thinking analysis skills necessary for law school and the legal profession.


View the Pre-Law Program website or email for more information regarding supports we provide to students preparing to apply to law school.


Biomedical Program

The UNF Biomedical Program assists students in becoming competitive candidates for admission to biomedical professional schools including school of medicine, physician assistant, dentistry, pharmacy, podiatry, optometry, chiropractic, veterinary medicine and research-based graduate programs. Components of the program include curriculum analysis, guest speakers, mentoring, preparation for a variety of medical-field admission tests, and guidance with the professional school application process, including a centralized evaluation service. The program provides information and opportunities for scholarships, peer mentoring, shadowing and volunteering. Since there is no pre-med major, students wanting to pursue the medical field are advised to choose an undergraduate major based upon their interests and talents. As part of your undergraduate major, you will need to incorporate coursework required by your chosen professional school. Students should meet with the Biomedical Program advisor and research their prospective professional schools for specific requirements, as different universities may require different courses.


View the Biomedical Sciences Program website or email for more information regarding the steps you can take to prepare for your professional program.