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collage of the declaration of independence and the statue of liberty

Civic Literacy

All undergraduate degree-seeking students who enroll in a Florida public institution in Summer B 2018 and thereafter must meet the state’s civic literacy requirement before graduation. The specific requirements differ depending on when you entered either a State University System (SUS) or Florida College System (FCS) institution. Please talk to your academic advisor about what you need to do to fulfill this requirement.

Requirements Based on When Student Entered SUS or FCS

Prior to Summer B 2018

• No Civic Literacy requirement

Summer B 2018 through Summer A 2021

• Complete course OR exam

Summer B 2021 and thereafter

• Complete BOTH a course AND exam

Meeting the Civic Literacy Requirement

This table provides details on which options meet the course and/or exam requirements. Please note that students who entered a Florida public institution between Summer B 2018 and Summer A 2021 only need to complete either the course or the exam as noted above.






Courses taken in 2018 or later*

POS 2041 Introduction to American Government (or equivalent)

C or better


AHM 2020 US History since 1877 (or equivalent)

C or better


Accelerated Mechanisms

Advanced Placement Government and Politics: United States Exam




Advanced Placement United States History Exam




Cambridge AICE History, US History, c. 1840-1990 (A-Level)**



CLEP American Government Exam




IB History: History of America**



Dual Enrollment versions of POSX041 or AMHX020 taken in 2018 or later

C or better


Additional Assessments***

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Naturalization Test – Civics (U.S. history and government) with supplemental questions



The Florida Civic Literacy Exam (FCLE)




* Speak with your academic advisor about getting coursework completed before 2018 reviewed to satisfy the Civic Literacy requirement. You must have the course syllabus available for review.

**The 2021 Legislature amended section 1007.25, Florida Statutes, allowing all accelerated mechanism to count towards meeting civic literacy course requirements. Since these exams do not meet the exam competencies, they do not satisfy the exam competency requirement.

*** A new assessment developed by the Department of Education is in the process of being officially adopted for use by the State University System. Note that you may not use the U.S. Citizenship test as part of the process of becoming a U.S. Citizen.


    The Florida Civic Literacy Test

    The Florida Civic Literacy Test is a 100-question, multiple-choice exam based upon the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Naturalization Test. It covers general questions about the institutions and functions of the U.S. government, principles of democratic governance, founding documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and landmark Supreme Court decisions and their impacts.


    The Florida Civic Literacy Test is available online through Canvas. In-person examinations are offered several times each academic year. Students should reserve their seats for in-person examinations via the Canvas calendar.


    If you plan to satisfy the Civic Literacy requirement by taking the Florida Civic Literacy Test, you must:

    Plan Carefully. You may only take the Florida Civic Literacy Test three times. If you do not achieve a passing score on any of the three attempts, you must register for and complete one of the approved courses. This is a pass/fail requirement. Do not take the exam again after achieving a passing score.


    Waiting too late to complete your Civic Literacy requirement may delay your graduation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still have questions about the Civic Literacy requirement? Get answers here or consult your academic advisor.