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TSI Administrative Policies

To view and/or print the entire TSI Administrative Policy document.  


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UNF Training & Services Institute, Inc.

Management of TSI Accounting

Direct Support Organization (DSO)

Administrative Fees

Asset Management  

Audit (Annual)  

Authority – Fund Managers Responsibilities

Authorization Signature Sheet

Accounts (Funds)

Fiscal Year

TSI Check Processing Procedures

TSI Check Distribution Procedures  


General Disbursements Policies and Procedures


Fringe Benefits – Non-Cash

Fringe Benefits – Working Condition

Independent Contractor Agreements Payments

Moving Expenses (Employee)

Non-Resident Alien Payments

Other Capital Outlay (OCO) ($1000) Equipment and Software Purchases

Other Personal Services (OPS) Agreements

Prepaid Expenses

Purchase Orders

Travel Reimbursements  

UNF Bookstore (Follett) Purchases  

UNF Food Service Catering (Chartwells) Purchases  

(Payments to) University Department Accounts

(Payments to) University Employees

(New) Vendor Information

Transfers between UNF TSI Accounts and Corrections

Miscellaneous Revenue - Sales

Reports – Monthly

Reports – Special Request

Void (TSI) Checks  

Stop Payment Request

Year-End Closing Procedures

Manual Update Policy