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Presidential Evaluation Policy

(approved by the UNF Board of Trustees January 12, 2016)


The Board of Trustees will evaluate the university President on an annual basis. The evaluation process will facilitate clear communication between the Board and the President, reflect best practices and promote execution of the University strategic plan.


The Board of Trustees believes six principles should guide and inform the Presidential evaluation process:

  1. The evaluation should derive from explicit values of the university and from its strategic plan.
  2. The evaluation process should set specific annual goals for the President.
  3. Evaluating the President is a non-delegable responsibility of the Board of Trustees. While other viewpoints may be considered, specifically those of the faculty, the Board must take direct responsibility for the evaluation.
  4. The evaluation process should be a reciprocal process that includes a self-evaluation from the President.
  5. The evaluation should focus on the how well the President advances the major institutional objectives of the university.
  6. A formal review should be conducted annually, immediately following the academic year. Informal evaluations should occur more frequently, in the form of informal conversations between the President and the Board chair.

Evaluation Process and Timeline

  1. The Board of Trustees shall undertake a performance evaluation of the President on an annual basis.
  2. The evaluation process shall commence August 1 and shall be fully concluded by October 31.
  3. The President shall initiate the evaluation process by preparing and submitting a self-evaluation that addresses higher level activities for the just concluded year and proposed goals for the upcoming year. The President will submit his self-evaluation to the Board chair by August 1 of each year.
  4. The Board chair shall distribute the President's self-evaluation and a summary of current year goals to all members of the Board.
  5. Members of the Board shall review the President's self-evaluation.
  6. The Chair will convene a meeting of the Board to discuss the President's performance for the year and proposed goals. The Board will also consider the award of a performance bonus for the just concluded year and presidential compensation for the next contract year.
  7. The Board chair will then prepare a written evaluation and meet with the President to review the evaluation and reach agreement on goals for the coming year.

Peer Review

Commencing in 2007 and every third year thereafter, or at such other interval as the Board of Trustees deems appropriate, the Board shall engage an outside consultant to design and conduct a peer review assessment of the performance of the university, its President and its Board. Such peer review assessment shall be designed to compare UNF with other comparable universities that represent the highest performing universities of comparable size and mission. The peer review process shall, among other things, solicit feedback from faculty, staff, students and the community. The peer review shall be conducted in a manner so that the confidentiality of survey individuals providing feedback is maintained. The peer review shall supplement, and not replace, the annual performance evaluation of the president.


Evaluating and supporting the President is among the most important responsibilities of the Board of Trustees. We believe the process described in this report reflects best practices for Presidential evaluation and, if implemented, will cause UNF to reside among the best universities in this important responsibility.