University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Student Life and Facilities Committee

  • Meeting
October 21, 2014
Osprey Commons, Talon Room at 9:30 a.m.

Members Present


Fred Franklin, Hugh Greene, Rad Lovett, Lynn Pappas, Myron Pincomb, Chip Klostermeyer, Lanny Russell, Joseph Turner, Sharon Wamble-King

Members Absent

Joy Korman, Oscar Munoz, Joannie Newton, Bruce Taylor

Item 1 Call to Order

Chair Pincomb recognized a quorum and called the meeting to order.

Huge Green recognized Board of Trustees faculty representative, Gordon Rakita, for his participation as a voice of the faculty on the Board, since his term has now come to an end. He was presented with a plaque as a token of the Board’s appreciation.

Item 2 Approval of Minutes

Chair Pincomb asked for approval of the minutes from the June 10, 2014 meeting.

Item 3 Open Comments

There were no open comments.

Item 4 Approval of Regulation Amendments – Sexual Misconduct

The Title IX portion of the sexual misconduct regulation was pulled from the agenda for further discussion. However, Cheryl Gonzalez, director of Equal Opportunity and Diversity and Marc Snow, associate general counsel, gave an update on the non-discrimination, equal opportunity and diversity portion of the regulation. The regulation expanded the definition, as well as reorganized the language, to compliment the revised sexual misconduct regulation and added a section about confidentiality, enforcement and by-stander intervention. This item was presented to the Board for adoption.

Motion was made to approve, and passed unanimously.

Item 5 Approval of New Regulation – Disability Access Obligations for Programs, Events or Activities at University Venues

Cheryl Gonzalez, director of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, and Marc Snow, associate general counsel, presented the new regulation. This regulation provides students, faculty, staff and visitors with access and the ability to participate in programs, events and activities sponsored by the university. This regulation was formerly a policy, but being that it impacts the outside university community, it is being promulgated as a regulation.

Motion made to approve, and passed unanimously.

Item 6 Approval of Regulation Amendments – Student Conduct Code

Vice President Gonzalez and Vice President Stone presented this item. Vice President Gonzalez stated approval of this item will bring the code into compliance with Title IX and related sexual misconduct laws, regulations and directives from the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights. Changes have also been made to clarify behavioral expectations for students and to provide more efficient hearing procedures.

Trustee Pappas asked if approving this item also approves the sexual misconduct regulation. It was stated that approving the student conduct code has no implication on approving the sexual misconduct regulation.

Motion made to approve as presented. The motion passed unanimously.

Item 7 Approval of Regulation Amendments – Prohibition Against Hazing


Vice President Gonzalez addressed the committee to present the proposed amendments to the regulation, to include an update of current prohibition and new reporting procedures.

Motion made to approve, and passed unanimously.

Item 8 Capital Projects Quarterly Report and Change Orders

Vice President Shuman provided a summary of capital projects, including change orders. Three projects were highlighted: new parking garage that will open up with 550 new spaces; Physical Facilities warehouse in East Park; and purchase of the Flats.

No motion required.

Item 9 Progress Brief on Fall Enrollments and Student Profile

Albert Colom, associate vice president of Enrollment Services, provided a presentation on current fall enrollments and the profile of this year’s first-time-in-college students.

No motion required.

Item 10 Adjournment

President Delaney presented each Board member with a book, Leadership Dynamics, used in teaching classes at the Taylor Leadership Institute.

Chair Pincomb adjourned the meeting at 10:00 a.m.