University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Academic Affairs Committee

  • Meeting
June 11, 2013
Osprey Commons, Talon Room at 10:30 a.m.

Committee Members Present 

Joy Korman (chair), Myron Pincomb, Lynn Pappas, Gordon Rakita, Fred Franklin

Item 1 Call to Order 

With a quorum being present, the meeting was called to order.

Item 2 Approval of Minutes 

Minutes from March 19, 2013 approved.

Item 3 Open Comments – none 

Item 4 Tenure as a Condition of Appointment (item reordered) 

Interim Provost Traynham sought approval for incoming AVP for Research John Kantner to be granted tenure (upon appointment).  Dr. Kantner is an accomplished scholar and administrator, already has been through the tenure process at his current institution and has been promoted to associate professor.


Motion: There was a motion to approve Dr. John Kantner Forde tenure upon appointment.  Motion seconded and approved unanimously. 

Item 5 Update to the Multi-Year University Work Plan  

Interim Provost Traynham presented the UNF Work Plan for 2013-14.  Approval was sought by the Board.  The Work Plan includes UNF’s current and longer-term initiatives as well as data on key performance indicators both actual and our goals for 2015-16.  The presentation discussed our mission, market, new programs, key initiatives and investments.  There was a question regarding some data that seemed missing from the Plan but those data are not relevant to UNF (eg: R1 data).  Another question was regarding the tuition increase of 1.7% but the Provost indicated we would discuss that more fully at another meeting. 


Motion: to accept the report.  Motion seconded and approved unanimously. 

Item 6 New Degree Program - Radiography 

Dean Pam Chally presented the program proposal for an undergraduate degree in Radiography.  Radiography is a result of a collaboration with the Mayo which sought our assistance in making the current local program go from associates to bachelors.  This program will be accredited and we expect all our graduates to find jobs easily.  The BOG does not need to approve this program.  Admission to the program will be at the junior level so students will not need general education credits.  This program proposal first needs BOT approval before it goes before the faculty association for approval and then the APC committee for approval of the curriculum.   


There was a motion to approve the program; the motion was approved unanimously. 

Item 7 Limited Access Status  - Radiography 

Dean Chally sought approval from the Board to establish limited access to the new Radiography program.  Essentially the limited access status is critical since there are only a number of placements we can attain for the students which is part of the curriculum.  There is a maximum of 16 students/year.  In response to the question of whether we can ever expand this program, we will expand as placements become available from other hospitals.  Currently we are only working with Mayo. 

Item 8 Academic Partnerships 

Assistant Vice President Roberson discussed the expected new partnership with AP and detailed why this venture would be important for us.  He noted that the marketing and recruitment that AP promises are what UNF cannot do at the same level.  We expect to grow certain online programs to very large enrollments.  All but one program will be expected to charge market rate tuition and that rate could be set either lower or higher than what we currently charge.  The AP model is an 8-week term and we expect to offer 6 terms/year.  It is a fully online model and we will need to seek BOG approval in November but that approval will be contingent on the BOT’s approval.  The members asked to hear more about this partnership at an upcoming meeting or retreat. 

Item 9 College Scheduler 

This presentation was cancelled. 


There was a motion to adjourn; the motion was approved una