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University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Academic Affairs Committee

  • Meeting
March 20, 2012
University Center at 1:15 p.m.

Committee Members Present

Joy Korman (chair), Lynn Pappas, Myron Pincomb, Patrick Plumlee, Sharon Wamble-King, Bruce Taylor

Item 1 Call to Order 

With a quorum being present, the meeting was called to order.

Item 2 Approval of Minutes 

Minutes from January 18, 2012 approved.

Item 3 Open Comments


Item 4 Tenure 

Chair Korman asked Provost Workman for background on the tenure process.  Provost Workman stated that tenure really begins at the time of recruitment; that faculty are selected and hired because UNF believes the new faculty have the ability to meet the tenure criteria.  Before coming up for tenure, each candidate is reviewed annually on his or her teaching, research and service contributions.  The tenure candidate presents his or her dossier which includes evidence of scholarship, external reviews, and teaching effort.  Dossiers are reviewed at the department, college and university level with each candidate’s tenure being voted on by a department committee, department chair, college dean, university promotion and tenure committee, provost and president.  Tenure dossiers are thoroughly vetted and while the majority of candidates receive tenure, it is in large part because we recruit the best candidates.  The Board of Trustees must approve tenure nominations. 


The Provost further explained that departments follow a faculty member’s productivity over time but each candidate must meet the standard of excellence.  Scholarship can take different forms depending on the discipline.  Local departmental-level committees understand a tenure candidate’s scholarship in one way while the university committee judges the nominee as a community member.  External reviews are helpful.


Upon tenure, a faculty member receives a 12.5% increase.  Tenure is a momentous event in a faculty member’s life signaling a mutual commitment to the advancement of the university and expressions of faith and confidence on the administration’s part. 


Trustee Taylor asked if any faculty members were promoted.  Provost Workman stated that faculty coming up for promotion only do not require BOT approval. 


Trustee Taylor made a motion to approve the tenure candidates.  The motion was seconded and the item was passed unanimously.   

Item 5 New degree program Bachelor of Arts – Art History

Provost Workman expressed gratitude that a degree in Art History was being brought forward for approval in an era where STEM has gained such focus and interest.  Department Chair, Debra Murphy explained that UNF already has a concentration in Art History with around 60 majors already enrolled.  This major provides an opportunity for non-Art students to study a great liberal arts major and also benefit from the experience of doing internships.  Art History majors  are required to have a foreign language. 


Chair Korman asked what specific action the committee was being asked to approve and Dean Hetrick clarified that the College was seeking BOT approval to transition Art History from a “track” to a full degree program.  Dean Hetrick noted that a full degree program in Art History will expand course offerings to all Art majors and Art History courses are less expensive than the Fine Art studio courses. 


Trustee Taylor asked how many students were enrolled currently and Dr. Murphy answered that there were 60 Art History majors and approximately 30 minors.  We expect to grow to about 131 majors. 


Trustee Plumlee made a motion to approve the item.  The item was approved unanimously. 

Item 6 Program Termination – Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Provost explained that the BA in Music was anachronistic and has become superfluous to the department since this particular major doesn’t require music performance.  We have moved to a Bachelor of Arts in Education Music as a concentration.  Trustee Korman asked if any students or faculty were impacted by this termination and the answer was no one would be impacted. 


Trustee Brockelman made a motion to approve terminating this program and the item was approved unanimously. 

Item 7 Program Termination – Masters in Human Resource Management

It was noted that this program has had no faculty or students so we are simply clearing the program from our listing.  Trustee Brockelman motioned to approve to terminate this program and the item was approved unanimously. 

Item 8 Limited Access Program Request – Biology Major: Medical Lab Sciences Concentration

The College of Arts and Sciences requests approval for limited access for the MLS concentration as well as to exceed the 120 credit hour limit.  Dean Hetrick addressed the need to create a limited access program. She indicated that there was great demand for this program and local hospitals have offered to support this program.  However, there are insufficient placements for students in local clinical sites and it would not be fair to students to admit them to a program where we could not provide clinical placements. Hetrick noted that we would begin with 20 students and when placements increased, we would increase access.  She also noted that the accrediting body (NAACLS) requires a lot of credits and therefore we seek approval to exceed the cap of 120 credit hours.  Trustee Pappas asked about the implications of limited access and if this is one way to control the cost of a program.  Dean Hetrick responded that greater access would create greater backlog of students who have no promise of placement. She indicated that if/when St Vincent's agrees to become a partner with UNF and other hospitals, we will be in a position to expand the program and increase admission.   


Trustee Korman asked for clarification on what item(s) needed BOT approval; both the approval to classify the MLS as a limited access program and for the program to set the student credit hour requirement at 125 (vs. the limit of 120).    


Trustee Taylor moved to approve the item; the motion was approved unanimously. 

Item 9 Florida Educational Equity Act Report

Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity presented the state and BOG mandated Florida Educational Equity Report.  This report requires BOT approval.   


Ms. Gonzalez discussed the purpose of the report; how it maps UNF’s progress in terms of diversity.  The report includes data on the recruitment and retention of faculty, students and staff of color and the overall diversity of the university.  Gonzalez noted that some changes are the result of coding shifts but overall, the university is making progress on this front.  She walked the committee through the report and noted areas where we were doing well and areas that present challenges.  Gonzalez ended her presentation indicating that this report is a massive undertaking and she appreciated how engaged and collaborative the university community was in completing this report.    


Trustee Taylor moved to approve the item; the motion was approved unanimously. 

Item 10 Academic Affairs Quarterly Presentation (Deans Larry Daniels and Shirley Hallblade)

Dean Daniel presented an update on the College of Education and Human Services and current initiatives underway.  He celebrated the success the college had in preparing teachers, counselors and administrators to work in urban settings. 

Dean Hallblade updated the committee on the status of the Library.   


There was a motion to adjourn; the motion was approved unanimously.