University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Meeting
October 18, 2011
University Center at 10:45 a.m.

Members Present

Fred Franklin, Hugh Greene, Joy Korman, Rad Lovett, Oscar Munoz, Joannie Newton, Lynn Pappas, Myron Pincomb, Patrick Plumlee, Lanny Russell, Bruce Taylor


Members Absent

Matthew Brockelman, Sharon Wamble-King


Item 1 Call to Order

With a quorum present, Chair Taylor called the meeting of the Board of Trustees to order.


Item 2 Open Comments

Chair Taylor offered the opportunity for open comments. There were no comments from the public.


Item 3 Presidential Evaluation and Bonus

Chair Taylor then lead a discussion on President Delaney’s performance for 2010-2011. Chair Taylor stated that President Delaney had done an outstanding job in all respects and noted the many accomplishments of the President and the university as outlined in the President’s self-evaluation. 


Chair Taylor then called on outgoing Board members Ann Hicks, Wilfredo Gonzalez and Wanyonyi Kendrick to discuss their perspectives on President Delaney’s leadership during the past year and throughout their tenure as Board members.


Trustee Hicks stated that President Delaney had increased the stature of the university within the state and the community, and created valuable relationships that others could not. She noted that enough good could not be said about President Delaney and she was proud of all that had transpired during his tenure as President.


Trustee Gonzalez mentioned that his knowledge of President Delaney’s leadership was not only through his service as a trustee but also through his service as the District Director of the U.S. Small Business Administration. He believed that President Delaney had been an excellent President and that his leadership this year had been better than ever. He noted that President Delaney is known well beyond the campus community. He is well known and highly respected by business and community leaders throughout the state.


Trustee Kendrick spoke about her tenure as a trustee, noting that she was on the Board through three administrations. She commented on the differences President Delaney had made, including the creation of a sustainable mission and vision. She spoke about President Delaney’s outreach in the campus community and how students were supportive of him. Trustee Kendrick noted that she had observed how much the President cared about student success. She commended the President for his understanding of faculty issues and concerns and complemented him for not laying off faculty and staff during these difficult economic times. She also spoke about the President’s ability to collaborate with other universities and the Board of Governors.


Chair Taylor then asked each of the current Board members to comment on President Delaney’s performance during the past year.


Trustee Plumlee stated that his perspective was from inside the university since he represented faculty. He noted that UNF had a system of shared governance, with faculty in an important role. Trustee Plumlee spoke about the President’s collaboration with faculty, noting that there was no disagreement among faculty that he had done his job well. He noted that there was some concern by some faculty with the academic administration and said that President Delaney was collaborative in trying to resolve these issues. Trustee Plumlee offered appreciation, on behalf of faculty, on what had been done with raises. He does not believe that a salary increase for President Delaney is appropriate at this time given the budget climate.


Trustee Russell remarked that President Delaney had represented the university well during his Board orientation. He noted that his perception was that UNF was on the right track, with President Delaney doing an excellent job.


Trustee Franklin remarked that President Delaney was a stellar and visionary leader. He spoke about President Delaney’s reputation from the community-at-large, noting that he was very well thought of.


Trustee Munoz stated that UNF was lucky to have President Delaney as its leader. Trustee Munoz spoke about his interactions with students, stating that students reported the tremendous positive strides that have been made on campus. Trustee Munoz commended President Delaney for the positive connection he has made with students, noting that students viewed President Delaney as trustworthy. Trustee Munoz stated that President Delaney was a highly respected leader in the community. He concluded his remarks by praising President Delaney on his handling of the budget.


Trustee Greene spoke about President Delaney being a visionary. Trustee Greene noted that the President had a disciplined way of staying focused in his leadership of the university. Trustee Greene spoke about President Delaney’s respect within the campus community, the State University System and the Jacksonville community. Trustee Greene noted that President Delaney had demonstrated tremendous leadership and the university had gone way beyond “well” during the President’s tenure. Trustee Greene concluded by stating that President Delaney was nothing short of excellent.


Trustee Korman agreed with all previous comments, mentioning that President Delaney’s invitation to chair the Higher Education Strategies Workgroup which includes several other university presidents and a member of the Florida Board of Governors reinforced his level of respect within the state. Trustee Korman mentioned the trip to visit other campuses in April, noting that she felt tremendous pride as she compared President Delaney to the other presidents, all of whom were excellent. She concluded her comments by mentioning that good leaders surrounded themselves with great teams and that President Delaney had assembled a fabulous team.


Trustee Pincomb labeled himself as a proud alumnus of UNF, noting that the university had grown up. He praised President Delaney for his understanding of academic issues and his excellent leadership skills.


Trustee Lovett spoke about his role as a former president of the UNF Foundation Board and his current role as co-chair of UNF’s capital campaign.  He noted that President Delaney is UNF’s chief fundraiser and stated that the President is highly effective in this role.   He believes that President Delaney is largely responsible for the campaign’s success to date, including crossing the $100 million mark in the campaign.


Trustee Newton stated that she was very proud to have President Delaney as a leader. She talked about how the President ranked against other university presidents, as well as his positive relationship in the community.


Trustee Pappas stated that she was very impressed with the President’s Self-Report. She talked about her experience with President Delaney as related to her former service as a member of the Florida Board of Governors. She noted that he was a remarkable president with a unique ability to prioritize and understand the political landscape. Trustee Pappas stated that President Delaney was a tremendous asset to UNF and the university would be hard pressed to find a replacement. Trustee Pappas applauded President Delaney’s performance.


Chair Taylor summarized the Board’s remarks and provided commentary of his own. He noted that President Delaney was the go-to person in the state. He mentioned President Delaney’s role as chair of the Higher Education Strategies Workgroup. Chair Taylor spoke about the President’s Self-Report, mentioning that the university was only getting better and better. He spoke about President Delaney being a highly effective communicator across the board and someone who brought groups together. Chair Taylor spoke about President Delaney’s ability to listen, respond and communicate with the Board clearly. Chair Taylor stated that he valued President Delaney’s integrity and transparency and enjoyed working closely with the President.


Chair Taylor offered the opportunity for additional comments; thereafter, a MOTION was made by Trustee Greene to not provide a pay increase to President Delaney, in terms of his base salary, and to award the maximum performance compensation allowable under his current contract. Trustee Munoz seconded. The MOTION was unanimously approved by the Board.


Item 4 Adjournment

Chair Taylor adjourned the meeting.