University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Academic Affairs Committee

  • Meeting
October 18, 2011
University Center at 1:15 p.m.

Committee Members Present

Fred Franklin, Joy Korman (chair), Lynn Pappas, Myron Pincomb, Patrick Plumlee, Sharon Wamble-King

Item 1 Call to Order 

With a quorum being present, the meeting was called to order. 

Item 2 Approval of Minutes 

Trustee Korman asked for a MOTION to approve the minutes from June 21, 2011.  Motion carried and minutes approved. 

Item 3 Open Comments 

Trustee Korman asked Provost Workman to review the structure of the Academic Affairs Committee for the benefit of the newly appointed members. 


Provost Workman shared his perspective regarding the work of this committee.  He noted that the university must be alert to the priorities of the state and the Board of Governors.  At the same time, it is the responsibility of the administration, faculty and BOT to make sure we fulfill the aspirations and mission of the university.  


The AAC should be informed about the processes within Academic Affairs and the effectiveness of how we assess student learning and research priorities.  The Provost also stated that the Academic Affairs division operates strategically with respect to which initiatives we can fund, particularly in light of limited resources. 

  • Provost Workman then provided the AAC with some examples of issues we deal with in Academic Affairs: 
  • Growing or establishing new undergraduate and graduate program. 
  • Advancing STEM priorities and general education. 
  • Oversight and coordination of the major academic units within the University including the five colleges (Arts and Sciences, Brooks College of Health, Coggin College of Business, College of Education and Human Services, and College of Computing, Engineering and Construction); Undergraduate Studies, Library, Continuing Education. 
  • I n addition to the Colleges and major academic units, Academic Affairs also oversees Enrollment Services, Office of Sponsored Research, Center for Community Based Learning, Distance Learning, Honors, and Center for Instruction and Research Technology.   

Item 4 Termination of the Masters of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling

Provost Workman requested that the Board approve the termination of this program.  In addition to the CAVP project on program duplication, the Masters in Rehab Counseling program only had two faculty and one has retired.  The other faculty member was able to shift to Mental Health Counseling program.  Further, enrollment was down to 1 student.  At the same time, we closed the MACP because of lack of accreditation and moved faculty and students went over to BCH and MHC.  Terminating this program will not disadvantage any student nor result in any faculty layoff.  Joy had noted that program was suspended three years ago.  


Trustee Pappas moved to approve this item.  Item approved unanimously.  

Item 5 Update on the College of Computing, Engineering and Construction and the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Areas 

Trustee Korman welcomed our newest dean, Mark Tumeo. In turn, Dean Tumeo also introduced Dr. Don Resio, newly appointed director of the Taylor Engineering Research Institute.  There was general discussion of the importance of CCEC to the advancement of STEM within the region and the transition to a knowledge economy.  Dean Tumeo then made a presentation on the college and its past and present efforts at advancing STEM: 

  • The degrees available in CCEC and that all degrees are considered STEM 
  • Challenges in STEM education 
  • What CCEC is currently doing to stimulate more interest in STEM fields for incoming students 
  • Research and grant opportunities 

Dr. Resio provided an overview of the work of the Taylor Engineering Research Institute.  He noted that the TERI began with a state grant and then provided an update of what has been accomplished in his first 90 days as director.  TERI aspirations include the institute becoming a key player nationally.  There is also great promise in terms of collaboration with other colleges, specifically COAS and the department of biology.   

Item 6 Update on the College of Arts and Sciences and the STEM Areas 

Dean Hetrick provided a presentation updating the AAC on current efforts within COAS to advance STEM education in the region and included statistics that showed UNF increases in student enrollment and graduation rates in STEM areas. 


C hair Korman adjourned the meeting.