University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Academic Affairs Committee

  • Meeting
March 15, 2011
University Center at 9:00 a.m.

Committee Members Present

Toni Crawford, Ann Hicks, Joy Korman, Patrick Plumlee, Bruce Taylor

Committee Members Absent

 Wilfredo Gonzalez

Item 1 Call to Order 

With a quorum being present, Trustee Crawford called the meeting to order.

Item 2 Approval of Minutes 

Trustee Crawford  asked for a MOTION to approve the minutes from January 18, 2011.  Motion carried and minutes approved. 

Item 3 Open Comments 

There was no request to make comments.

Item 4 Approval of the Multi-Year University Work Plan 

Provost Workman presented the BOG-mandated Work Plan (Update) by first explaining the timing of the report; we are seeking BOT approval for a draft of the Workplan since it is not due until May but before the BOT will meet again and without the advantage of having the BOG template at this time.  In addition to the early date, there is some misalignment between the timeline for the Annual Report and the Work Plan established by the BOG.  While the entire reporting process is still a “work in progress”, Dr. Workman noted that our reports do demonstrate that UNF is very clear about its purpose. 


The Work Plan provides UNF an opportunity to report on our progress in advancing both BOG and institutional goals.   Provost Workman walked the committee through each of the different sections of the Work Plan.  Trustee Crawford asked for clarification on the 5% Student Life and ServicesFee and Provost Workman explained that the BOG deferred decisions on student services fee until this its March meeting so while the BOT approved this fee last year, the BOG will only now entertain the possibility of approving such a fee. 


Trustee Korman asked whether our TLO success rates could be compared with other programs at other public institutions and Provost Workman responded that UNF’s TLO program is unique in many ways and  while other institutions share some of the TLO elements with us, for example study abroad and service learning, UNF’s TLO initiative is really special and has become a signature program. 

Provost Workman commented specifically on a few areas of the Work Plan:  

Research: Provost Workman remarked that while UNF must remain true to its mission, state funding will be allocated in part based on an institution’s research productivity, particularly in STEM areas so it would behoove us to increase our own productivity and we have the opportunity to do so as a result of our faculty and the New Florida funding. 

Community Engagement:  Provost Workman stated that we have achieved the Carnegie designation a few years earlier than we had originally planned for and that achievement is a result of UNF’s long history working in the  community. 

Program Master Plan: Provost Workman discussed the BOG initiative to have each state university identify programs which do not meet the agreed-upon thresholds for enrollment and degree productivity.  He noted that this process has allowed UNF to review and eliminate programs which have been inactive for a number of years and to look more closely at programs with low numbers but whose existence could be justified.  This initiative allows for greater efficiencies in the SUS.  Meanwhile, as our list demonstrates, UNF continues to develop programs as the needs of the region develop. 

Chair Hicks asked for a motion to approve the Work Plan.  The motion was carried and approved however the AAC will receive the final Work Plan once it is completed and entered into the official template.  If the final report creates enough discussion or need for clarification, there may be a need to convene a special meeting to review before submitting to the BOG. 

Item 5 Florida Educational Equity Act Report  

Cheryl Gonzalez , Director of EOP, introduced her staff and commented that the FEEA is a compilation of reports from many UNF departments/divisions.    


The FEEA reports on various elements of the university within the context of diversity.  When reviewing the data on declines in populations from underrepresented categories, it is important to note that there has been a change in the way we code ethnic groups.  Percentages will be impacted by that change in reporting.  Gonzalez reminded the committee that the report is an honest assessment of where we are in terms of advancing diversity and where work still needs to be done.   Gonzalez also reported that the BOG now has a liaison officer dedicated to monitor equity issues. 


Tom Serwatka pointed out that in certain instances where it appears UNF has declined in the number of underrepresented students, the decline in numbers is the result of admitting an overall smaller incoming cohort.; 

Chair Hicks asked for a motion to approve the FEEA.  The motion was carried and approved. 

Item 6 Request to Offer a New Degree Program – Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies 

Provost Workman commented that he is seeking approval from the AAC for the Religious Studies program moving to a full degree program.  Workman also remarked how proud he was to bring forward this program in a day when so much focus is on the STEM areas.  He then asked Julie Ingersoll, Director of the program, to speak on behalf of the faculty.


Dr. Ingersoll presented the program to the AAC noting student demand, how the program fits squarely within a liberal arts curriculum, its importance in a global society and the contributions the program makes to the general education curriculum.


Chair Hicks asked for a motion to approve the program.  The motion was carried and approved. 

Item 7 Tenure by Reason of Appointment – Dr. Mark Tumeo 

Chair Hicks asked Provost Workman to speak about this item.


Dr. Workman remarked that the newly appointed Dean of Computing, Engineering, and Construction, Dr. Tumeo, comes to UNF with extensive experience as an academic and administrator.  The Provost seeks the committee’s approval for Dr. Tumeo’s tenure within the School of Engineering following endorsement from the Engineering faculty.    


Chair Hicks asked for a MOTION for approval for tenure by reason of appointment for Dr. Tumeo.  The motion was carried as presented. 

Item 8 Tenure by Reason of Appointment – Dr. Donald Resio 

Chair Hicks asked Provost Workman to speak about this item.


Dr. Workman remarked that the newly appointed Director of the Taylor Engineering Research Institute , Dr. Resio, comes to UNF with a very distinguished career and therefore seeks the committee’s approval for Dr. Resio’s tenure within the School of Engineering following endorsement from the Engineering faculty.   


Chair Hicks asked for a MOTION for approval for tenure by reason of appointment for Dr. Resio.  The motion was carried as presented.