University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Workshop
January 18, 2011
University Center at 3:15 p.m.

Item 1 Call to Order 

Chair Taylor will call the meeting to order.

Item 2 Minutes (September 27, 2010 and November 4, 2010

Chair Taylor will ask for approval of the minutes from the September 27, 2010 retreat and the November 4, 2010 workshop.

Item 3 Models of Academic Redesign (Attachment 1)

Faculty from the Brooks College of Health and the Coggin College of Business will present models of instruction based upon their work on redesigning course content and delivery using electronic modes of delivery.

Item 4 UNF Peer Aspirant Comparison Data (Attachment 1, 2)

The university administration will be visiting the campuses of three peer aspirants during the first week of April: James Madison University, University of Maryland-Baltimore and Towson University. This discussion will compare UNF and these institutions on several metrics. 


The Board will also consider who among the Board would be interested in joining the onsite visits.

Item 5 Adjournment

Chair Taylor will adjourn the workshop.