University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Executive Committee

  • Meeting
August 24, 2009
President's Conference Room at 1:30 p.m.

Trustees in Attendance

Mr. Luther Coggin, Mr. Wilfredo Gonzalez, Mr. Hugh Greene, Ms. Wanyonyi Kendrick, Dr. Katherine Robinson, Dr. Bruce Taylor, Mr. Kevin Twomey

Trustees Absent

Ms. Ann Hicks

Item 1 Call to Order

Chair Taylor recognized a quorum and convened the meeting. 

Item 2 Discussion on the Board of Governors and the University Board of Trustees Selection and Reappointment Process, and Guidance for Filling the Trustee Positions for the University of North Florida

The committee discussed the Board of Governor’s selection and appointment/reappointment process for filling positions for those whose terms will end January 6, 2010. Trustees clarified that there were two vacant positions and expressed hope that one of those positions would be filled with the reappointment of an existing member. The remaining position was a result of term limits imposed by the Board of Governors and trustees planned to discuss possible nominees at this meeting.


Chair Taylor spoke about the Board’s policy regarding nominations and encouraged a discussion with as much input as possible from all members. Trustees discussed several possible attributes of a new trustee and confirmed a need for someone well grounded as a chief executive officer with expertise in business finance.


After several possible candidates were discussed, Chair Taylor thanked everyone for their input. He stated that all candidates would be considered and a decision for a nominee would be made before the Board of Governor’s deadline, which was August 27.

Item 3 Adjournment

Chair Taylor adjourned the meeting.