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University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Workshop
February 9, 2006
University Center at 8:30 a.m.

Item 1 Call to Order

Chair Taylor will call the workshop to order.

Item 2 Approval of Minutes (November 9, 2005)

Chair Taylor will ask for a MOTION to approve the minutes from the November 9, 2005 workshop.

Proposed Action: Approval. MOTION and second required. 

Item 2 Chair's Remarks

Chair Taylor will address the Board and provide his remarks.

Item 2a Exiting Chair's Remarks

Chair Thompson will address the Board and provide her remarks.

Item 3 President's Remarks

President Delaney will address the Board and provide his remarks.

Item 4 Board Operations

Item 4A Meeting and Workshop Schedule

Item 4Ai Do We Maintain the Once-A-Month Schedule?

Item 4Aii Proposed Dates for the Upcoming Year

Item 4B Committee Structure and Composition

Item 4Bi Executive Committee

Item 4Bii Facilities Committee

Item 4Biii Presidential Performance Evaluation Process (Task Force/Committee)?

Item 5 Funding and Legislative Issues

Item 5A Governor's Proposed 2006 Budget

Item 5B Board of Governor's 2006 Legislative Issues

Item 5Bi Report from Outgoing Chair (Chair Thompson)

Item 5Bii Tuition Flexibility

Item 5Biii Bonding

Item 5Biv Technology Fee

Item 5C Legislative Bills Filed

Item 5Ci Community College Baccalaureate Degrees

Item 5Cii Scholarships for Students Attending For-Profit Institutions

Item 5Ciii Governance Bill

Item 6 Adjournment

Chair Taylor will adjourn the workshop.