Transformational Learning Opportunities in the Coggin College of Business

Specific information about the types and range of TLOs available for students in different academic departments in the Coggin College of Business can be found below.


Internship, fieldwork, service learning, and/or practicum opportunities:

The purpose of internships is to allow student to begin the transition from the classroom to the working world by learning how to apply and adapt their academic knowledge in a practical setting. Undergraduate students in the Coggin College of Business may complete internships related to their majors. International Business majors are required to complete internships. Interested students should contact their Coggin advisors to learn how to begin the process of applying for internships.


Undergraduate research or creative project opportunities:   

The ability to conduct solid research is a rare skill, and one that is highly-valued on the business and academic communities. It is particularly important for students considering graduate school, law school, etc. Coggin students with an interest in academic research are encouraged to discuss that interest with faculty members in their disciplines. Academic research can be conducted as part of regular courses or through directed independent study courses. Coggin also sponsors research conferences, such as the annual February conference on international business research. Several undergraduates have co-authored papers with faculty, and some have even presented or co-presented at this and other conferences.


Study abroad opportunities :   

The distinction between “domestic” and “international” business is an artificial one, and one that successful businesses have eliminated. However, international business is more complex than domestic business, with issues such as exchange rates and cultural differences. In order to prepare students for the international business experiences they will have during their working careers, Coggin offers several types of study abroad experiences for academic credit (see International Business Flagship Program). First, students may participate in short-term study tours led by Coggin faculty. During these 10-15 day programs, students will visit businesses abroad, discussing issues with top company executives. Students will also learn about the history, food, and culture of the country. Second, students may study abroad at Coggin partner colleges and universities for either a semester or a year, using those credits toward graduation. Such experiences have the advantage of allowing time for students to begin to truly understand and appreciate the local culture, and perhaps to pick up some basic language ability. Third, students wishing to study in countries where Coggin does not have partners may visit the UNF International Center to learn how to study where they prefer. Fourth, Coggin offers one-month summer programs at selected exchange partners, giving students a longer time in-country, without having to commit to a full semester. Fifth, students can complete internships abroad, combining two transformative experiences into one tremendous experience.


Other transformational and experiential learning opportunities: 

During the last part of Spring Break 2006, ten students from the Osprey Financial Group (OFG) visited Wall Street in New York. OFG is a special program at UNF that enables a select group of student to manage part of the Endowment. The TLO concentrated on the Financial District of Lower Manhattan. The students toured the New York Stock Exchange and witnessed the closing bell, toured the New York Mercantile Exchange and watched the closing bell activities, toured the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and visited the gold vault, and toured Bloomberg – the provider of the state of the industry financial data. The group also met with an alumna of OFG that manages the preferred stock portfolio for Dresdner Bank, and they took a walking tour of Ground Zero. It was a memorable trip for each student as they experienced visually the operations of the most important financial markets in the world.