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The THRIVE Community


In addition to academic support, THRIVE prides itself on offering opportunities to connect with other students on the spectrum and people/organizations in the Jacksonville community.


Please note that these are closed events and only currently active THRIVE students are eligible to attend.  THRIVE does occasionally have open events, which you can learn more about when they are posted to THRIVE's official facebook page.

Social Events Dr. Tara Rowe and THRIVE students at event

THRIVE's Student Leadership Council (SLC) and Communications Specialist plan and coordinate social group events for all THRIVE members who want to attend, such as:

  • Game Afternoon: A bi-weekly event where students can come play video games, board games, card games, etc.
  • Movie Night: Also bi-weekly, students bring movies to the student lounge and vote on what to watch.
  • Beach Day: Jacksonville Beach is just down the road from campus, making it a perfect spot to cool down and have fun in the hot weather.

THRIVE does NOT pay for students to attend events or purchase food.  For events such as going to the movies, museums, arcades, etc. students are responsible for any costs to participate.

THRIVE does NOT offer transportation to these events.  Students in the program generally offer transportation to other students, but it is not guaranteed.


Once a week, students are invited to small group meetings where they can unwind and de-stress.  These meetings are required, but students are assigned to meeting times that do not conflict with their class schedules. 


In the Jacksonville Area

THRIVE student at community learning event

THRIVE's connections with organizations outside UNF gives students opportunities to engage with the community.  These opportunities are learning experience for THRIVE students as well as the people they engage with.  Volunteering, career fairs, and other types of community involvement encourage THRIVE students to become active and contributing members of the surrounding Jacksonville area.

On campus, THRIVE has built and maintained successful partnerships with campus organizations, clubs, and departments including the counseling center, the LGBT center, Housing & Residence life, Greek life, the SAS, and the center for Academic Excellence.