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Applying to THRIVE 

Please note that admission to UNF and registration with the DRC does NOT guarantee admission to THRIVE. 

In order to be considered as a potential THRIVE participant the following is required: 


  1. Students must be admitted and currently enrolled at UNF
  2. Students must be registered with the disability resource center
  3. Students must submit a signed THRIVE application form to DRC/THRIVE staff (applications are available upon successful DRC registration)
  4. Students must successfully complete an interview with THRIVE staff


Upon acceptance into THRIVE, the student must complete the THRIVE Baseline Survey prior to their first official week within the program. The Baseline Survey allows THRIVE staff to determine the student’s current levels of functioning as well as their perceived strengths and weaknesses.  This allows THRIVE staff to make informed mentor assignments that best fit the needs of the individual student.