On-Campus Venues for Leadership (Partial Listing)

The Institute offers opportunities for our students to receive hands-on experience with the following organizations. This experience provide outlets for civic involvement and leadership development. For those students who pursue the UNF Leadership Certificate, involvement with these organizations can be certified as meaningful learning experiences that meet requirements for the certificate. These experiences serve to complement classroom learning, provide real-world experience, while also equipping the student with a marketable “edge” when it comes to applying for employment or graduate school.


C.A.M.P. Osprey (updated January 2017) 

C.A.M.P. Osprey is an innovative leadership mentoring program that pairs collegiate student leaders from UNF with Duval County Public School students in grades 5-9. This is an on-campus immersion program, providing weekly mentoring sessions for middle school students in Duval County.  Student Leaders selected to participate in the program are given the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills, mentor a child in the same leadership skills learned in LDR 3003 Introduction to Leadership, make a difference in the greater Jacksonville community, and understand the influence one can have as a leader. Participation in the program will also improve their public speaking ability, goal setting, time management, and the career readiness" skills that today's employers seek in employees. 

For more information PLEASE CLICK HERE or contact Alison Noonan at alison.noonan@unf.edu.

Presidential Envoys (updated January 2017)

Established in 1985, the Presidential Envoys is one of the oldest, most prestigious organizations at the University of North Florida. Most recognized by their blue blazers, the Presidential Envoys are often the first faces you see at Alumni Association and University events. Members of the organization are recognized student leaders of UNF who serve as student ambassadors to the Alumni Association and the Office of the President. Envoys provide outstanding service to the campus and community, and possess strong leadership skills that will transition them from students to successful alumni. Envoys are honored to serve as ambassadors for the University as well as their fellow students, alumni and community. 

Membership is open to all UNF students that have at least 3 semesters, excluding the summer, to complete prior to graduation. Each applicant must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or higher grade point average per semester upon admission into the organization. 

Deadline to submit the application packet is Thursday, January 26th by 5 pm. Please drop off your application and attached documents to the Office of Alumni Engagement located in Alumni Hall, Building 60.

For more information on the organization please CLICK HERE. If you have any questions, please contact the Presidential Envoys Advisor, Leah Case at (904) 620-2131 or via e-mail at l.case@unf.edu. You may also contact the Vice President for Recruitment and Student Engagement, Katie Parker at presidentialenvoys@gmail.com.

 Spring 2017 Recruitment Events:


  • Spring Informational Meeting - Wednesday, January 18th @ 8 PM in the Student Union, Building 58W, Room 3805 - For more information please CLICK HERE
  • Meet & Greet - Thursday, January 26th @ 6:30 PM in Alumni Hall, Building 60
  • Interviews will be January 27th-28th



 Student Conduct Panel Board (updated July 2016)

The Office of Student Conduct is looking for students to serve on the University Student Conduct Board.


The Conduct Board serves as the “hearing body” for Panel Hearings as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.  Students who have been charged with a violation of the Student Code of Conduct have the option of selecting a Panel Hearing as a way of having their case heard.  Students who select this option typically like to have other students being involved in the decision making process.  The Conduct Board will hear the case, review the information provided, decide the hearing outcome, and make a recommendation of sanction. Each Panel Hearing will consist of 3-5 board members and maintain 50% student representation for each hearing. Typically the board will consist of one Faculty or Staff member and two students.  


Students who serve on the Student Conduct Panel Board gain valuable experience in making difficult decisions with serious consequences, working with confidential information, and handling conflict. Panelists also have the opportunity to develop collaborative relationships with other members of the Board, including faculty and staff from every division of the University. Service to the Panel Board may also qualify for inclusion on the Experiential Learning Transcript, administered by the Taylor Leadership Institute.


For more information PLEASE CLICK HERE or contact Jayne Krichbaum at jayne.krichbaum@unf.edu. To apply please fill out the application for the Student Conduct Board


 On Campus Transition (OCT) Mentor (posted July 2016)


On Campus Transition was put in place by UNF and the non-profit organization, the Arc Jacksonville, to give students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) a chance to immerse themselves in an enriching college experience and learn what it takes to be an independent adult and contributing member to society. OCT is fully committed to the inclusion and integration of students with I/DD within the community, and we provide opportunities for students to experientially learn how to become more productive and well-rounded individuals.


In order to accomplish this, AmeriCorps coaches develop lesson plans that help them learn and explore independent living skills and personal enrichment opportunities in areas such as healthy living, financial literacy, work readiness, academics, and more. The program also has OCT students participate in peer mentoring with students from around the UNF community.

As a mentor, you allow the OCT students to meet new people, gain new friends, and discover the social opportunities that UNF has available to everybody. Whether you want to help them exercise or introduce them to clubs on campus, you have something to offer that they can take with them for the rest of their lives! You and your mentee are in complete control of what you two do in each session, and what you do one day can differ from the next. Therefore, this volunteer experience is what YOU make of it and a fantastic opportunity for leadership development.

Volunteer Needs:


-Social Mentor: As a social mentor, you will be helping students achieve success in their daily lives by being a part of their support system and introducing them to ways to get involved on campus and have fun! This may involve taking students to campus events, guiding them in social etiquette, hanging out at the game room, volunteering together, teaching them to play an instrument, etc.


-Lunch Mentor: Similar to a social mentor, lunch mentors simply spend time with their students and get to know them while grabbing a bite to eat. You may eat at the restaurants on campus or drive to your favorite local joint!


-Fitness Mentor: Help our students achieve their goals in personal health and fitness. Activities may include working out at the Wellness Center, playing basketball, walking the nature trails, taking yoga classes, etc.


-Academic Mentor: Become an academic mentor and help your student with projects, note-taking, reading textbooks, or whatever you think will be useful for them!


*Volunteers are required to mentor for at least one hour a week

For more information PLEASE CLICK HERE. To apply please fill out the OCT Volunteer Application