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Student Leadership Scholarship

The 2021-2022 UNF Taylor Leadership Institute Scholarship application is currently live. If you would like to be considered as an applicant, please follow the instructions below. The selection process will begin during the month of May 2021 for the fall semester.

Value: $1,500 ($750 Fall / $750 Spring) | Number available: One

Steps to apply  

  • Fill out the Data Consent Page
    1. Login to myWings.
    2. Click on the "Data Consent" category in the dropdown menu.
    3. Click on the "Data Consent with UNF Foundation Scholarship" link.
    4. Fill out the form and click submit at the bottom. 
  • Fill out and Submit the General Application through UNF Academic Works (Note: You will be unable to complete this until 24 hours after completion of the data consent form listed in the prior steps).  
    1. In the search box type "UNF Student Leadership" and hit 'Enter'.
    2. In the search results, click on "UNF Student Leadership Endowed Scholarship" and provide your response to the questions.  


  • Meet admissions requirements and be accepted to the University of North Florida.
  • Enroll as an undergraduate junior or senior by Fall of 2021 at University of North Florida, earning a minimum of 9 credit hours each semester.
  • Maintain a cumulative UNF Institutional GPA of 2.5.
  • Must be a declared Leadership Minor.
  • Submit a short essay (500 words or less) describing your growth and evolution as a leader and how this scholarship will advance your leadership acumen.
  • Submit one letter of recommendation by a member of the UNF faculty or staff (Please request a LOR from faculty or staff who are not members of the Taylor Leadership Institute).

Student Responsibility

  • Enroll as an undergraduate Junior or Senior by Fall of 2021, earning a minimum of 9 credit hours each semester, and a minimum of 18 credits by the end of each academic year.
  • Maintain a cumulative UNF GPA of at least 2.5 for the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years.
  • Comply with all University regulations, rules, and codes of conduct governing students on campus.
  • Consent to release grades to the Division of Institutional Advancement for the purpose of reporting to the donor.
  • Remain in good standing as a student.


Current recipients may apply for renewal and will be given preference pending availability of funding, and if all of the preceding requirements have been met. No student will be eligible to receive more than six (6) semesters of scholarship support.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact TLI at (904) 620-5934 or by email at