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Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (2015)

MSL LogoDuring February and March of 2015, UNF will be participating in the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (MSL), the largest study of college student leadership and related outcomes. Since the MSL began in 2006, more than 250 institutions and over 500,000 students have participated. 


The MSL is conducted as a web-based survey and is designed to help college administrators, researchers and educators understand leadership development of college students. It is recognized as the most comprehensive assessment of leadership development in higher education, incorporating the best of theory and practice. Its purpose is to enhance knowledge regarding college student experiences and their influences on educational outcomes.  


The UNF survey will be sent to a random sample of 4000 undergraduates plus a smaller sample of students known to be involved in the intentional study of leadership here at UNF. Data collection will be entirely web-based and all responses are confidential.


If you are selected, you will receive an email invitation with a link to the online survey. The email subject line will read University of North Florida Student Survey. Your participation is very important to UNF! Responses will help researchers better understand how experiences in and outside the classroom impact life and perceptions at college.


We hope you take the time to participate in this exciting research opportunity!


To learn more about the MSL, visit or Email Dr. John Frank at the Taylor Leadership Institute.