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Leadership Minor (12 Credit Hours)  

Program Overview: 

This is an interdisciplinary minor available to all undergraduate students across the university, integrating curricular and co-curricular experiential components. The program strives to empower students to be authentic self-directed learners through a highly engaged pedagogy that brings together the intentional study and practice of leadership. This minor offers opportunities for personal and professional leadership development to students, enabling them to acquire an important credential on their academic transcript that complements their major. The Leadership Minor challenges students to become effective, ethical leaders with a commitment to excellence, accountability, and responsibility in the real world of the workplace and the global community.

Students can declare the Leadership Minor by contacting their academic advisor in the area of their major or submit the Declare the Leadership Minor form on TLI's website. Once declared, students are encouraged to maintain ongoing contact with TLI to assure they are on track to successfully complete the program. For more information, call 904-620-9534 or email


Step 1 / LDR3003: Introduction to Leadership (3 Credit Hours)

This is the Gateway course to the Leadership Minor. 

Students are not required to declare the leadership minor prior to taking this course; and seniors may take this course as well! 


LDR3003 introduces participants to the major theories of leadership and their application in personal and professional settings. Participants engage in self-reflective and applied learning activities that allow them to draw upon their personal characteristics and experiences in order to make connections between class work and their own developing leadership style. 

Step 2 / Two Leadership Electives (6 Credit Hours)  

With guidance from TLI and the student's college, students should select two appropriate leadership electives (3 credits each).

Please contact TLI for more info!

Step 3 / LDR4263: Leadership Practicum  (Capstone Course) (3 Credit Hours) 

Description: Prerequisite: LDR3003 plus completion of two leadership electives. Leadership is the #1 trait employers are looking for in prospective employees. By taking this engaging hybrid course, students take the final step in the process of completing the coveted Leadership Minor AND refining valuable leadership skills such as the ability to inspire, motivate and empower others towards desired results.


This is the culminating in-classroom course for the Leadership Minor. After completion of this course students will be able to document their impact as a leader on campus, in the classroom, and within the community. Students develop a clear plan for future roles as a leader and collaborate with peers to understand the fundamental elements of leadership. Students also learn effective public speaking skills to facilitate the creation of their own "Leadership Ted Talk" while establishing a marketable "personal brand" - our goal is to ensure all TLI students graduate with the artifacts needed to be sought after by employers. Additionally students participate in a Leadership Coaching Initiative where each practicum student will be mentored/coached by a campus or community leader. 


*Please note that this is not a field-based internship, practicum is a senior / capstone in-classroom course