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Leadership Learning Outcomes

When posting to the Experiential Learning Transcript (ELT), students identify specific leaning outcomes associated with co-curricular activities on and off campus. Learning outcomes are organized under 9 major outcomes and a number of specific indicators within each of those outcome arenas. These leadership learning outcomes and their related indicators are grounded in the literature on student leadership learning in higher education as well as integration with UNF's goals, values, and commitment to community-based learning.  Listed below you will find the outcomes and their indicators.

Outcome A: INTELLECTUAL Development

Outcome B: INTRA-PERSONAL Development

Outcome C: VALUES Integration

Outcome D: INTER-PERSONAL Competence

Outcome E: Effective Communication

Outcome F: Diversity Appreciation

Outcome G: Citizenship & Community Engagement

Outcome H: Practical Competencies

Outcome I: Leadership Style