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Leadership Electives

With over 50+ electives to choose from, students beneĀ­fit from the flexibility to craft their unique study and practice of leadership. Elective classes can double count for major requirements as well, look at our electives list below for more information.


Electives are to provide additional training and practice for students' career aspirations, and allow students to develop and apply leadership philosophy by taking other classes pertaining to their major or even classes outside of their major.


For more information students may submit the Leadership Electives form, for pre-approval. This form will help provide information to our advisors regarding which electives students should take. 


Reach out to TLI if additional guidance on course availability is needed.

Leadership Electives

College of Arts and Sciences


SOP3515: Fundamentals of Conflict Transformation

SOP3004: Social Psychology


SPC4064: Public Speaking for Professionals

COM3042: Interpersonal Communications

COM3120: Organizational Communications

COM3440: Small Group Communication

COM3752: Listening

COM4430: International Communication

Political Science and Public Administration

PAD4144: Nonprofit Management

POT3515: Good and Evil: Political Perspectives*

Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

ANT3212: Peoples and Cultures of the World

SYP3440: Social Change and International Development

SYP4351: Social Movements and Social Change

Philosophy and Religious Studies

PHI3601: Ethics

PHI3640: Environmental Ethics

PHI3641: Business Ethics


BSC3057: Introduction to Environmental Studies


ENC1143: Writing with Evidence and Style

ENC3310: Writing Prose

ENG4013: Approaches to Literary Interpretation

THE4524: Theatre for Social Change*

College of Education and Human Services

Leadership, School Counseling, and Sport Management

LDR3320: Collaborative Leadership

LDR3240: Intergroup Dialogue Among Diverse Populations

LDR4340: Resource Development in Community Organizations

PET4416: Theory and Practice of Fitness Management

SPM4113: Managerial Leadership in Sport

SPM4703: Sport Business Analytics

SPM4516: Development and Fundraising in Sport

Exceptional, Deaf and Interpreter Education

SLS3408: Employability Skills & Career Success

Childhood Ed, Literacy, and TESOL*

EEC4054: Leadership and Service in Early Childhood Settings

Hicks Honors College

LDR3367: Facilitation

LDR4368: Senior Facilitation

Brooks College of Health


NUR4827: Leadership and Management Concepts in Nursing

NUR3816: Professional Nursing Concepts

Health Administration

HSA3111 or HSA3101: Introduction to Health Administration

Public Health

HSC4800: Professional Preparation in Public Health

Coggin College of Business

Marketing & Logistics

MAR4906: Special Topics in Marketing


MAN3025: Administrative Management

MAN4064: Organizational Ethics: A Global Perspective

MAN4143: Effective Business Leadership

MAN4201: Organization Theory

MAN4240: Organizational Behavior

MAN4441: Negotiations

MAN4600: International Management

MAN4956: Australia: International Leadership in Organizations

GEB4113: Entrepreneurship

College of Computing, Engineering & Construction

Electrical Engineering

EEL4930: Special Topics in Electrical Engineering

EEL4081: Topics on Rehabilitation Engineering

EEL4915: Senior Capstone Design II


CIS4930: Special Topics in Computer and Information Sciences

CIS3253: Legal and Ethical Issues in Computing

CIS3526: IT Project Management

CIS4900: Direct Independent Study

CIS4327: Information Systems Senior Project I

CIS4328: Information Systems Senior Project II

CEN4010: Software Engineering

Civil Engineering

CGN4151: Engineering Management

CGN3930: Special Topics in Civil Engineering

CGN4931: Special Topics in Civil Engineering

CGN4804: Senior Capstone Design II

Mechanical Engineering

EML4930: Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering

EML4552: Senior Capstone Design II

EML4320C: Integrated Design and Manufacturing

EGN4042: Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement Methods for Engineers

Construction Management

BCN4730: Construction Safety

BCN4956: Study Abroad in Construction Management

BCN4709: Construction Project Management Capstone

BCN4753: Construction Finance and Cost Controls

BCN4775: International Construction


Special Note: The Leadership Minor program of study has been updated. Students (and Academic Advisors) can substitute leadership electives choosing from the list above. Or connect with TLI to identify an alternate, appropriate elective. Please see below for details and be sure to contact TLI with any questions! 



First Column: The picture describes a male student in the class engaging with another student. Community Leadership Summer 2020 & Prior. Step 1: LDR3003 Step 2: (Choose 1) LDR3240; LDR3320; or SOP 3515 Step 3: Choose 1 elective from a list shown on student's degree evaluation Step 4: LDR4263. Column 2: The picture portrays 3 female students studying in a classroom looking at their notepads. Leadership 2020 & Prior. Step 1: LDR3003 Step 2: Choose 1) LDR3240; LDR3320; or SOP 3515 Step 3: Choose 1 elective from a list shown on student's degree evaluation Step 4: LDR4263. Third Column: The picture describes a male student in the classroom smiling while another student looks at him. Leadership Fall 2020 & After. Step 1: LDR3003 Step 2: Choose 1) LDR3240; LDR3320; or SOP 3515 Step 3: Choose 1 elective from a list shown on student's degree evaluation Step 4: LDR4263.