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Leadership Electives

With over 50 options, leadership elective courses are embedded throughout all of the six colleges at UNF and designed to cater to students’ major interests, while also including core leadership competencies that elevate the students’ learning. Students have options to choose electives within their own college, or explore additional courses outside of their major that will give them additional knowledge and skills in leadership. Students craft their own study of leadership, ensuring they have the necessary practice that will prepare them for career aspirations.



College of Arts & Sciences


SOP 3004 Social Psychology



SPC 4064 Public Speaking Professionals (not available for Comm. majors)

COM 3042 Interpersonal Communications

COM 3120 Organizational Communications

COM 3440 Small Group Communication

COM 3752 Listening

COM 4430 International Communication


PoliSci/Pub Adm 

PAD 4114 Non-Profit Management

POT 3515 Good and Evil: Political Perspectives



ANT 3212 Peoples & Cultures of the World

SYO Political Sociology

SYP 3440 Social Change and International Development

SYP 4351 Social Movements and Social Change


Phil/ Rel Studies

PHI 3601 Ethics

PHI3640 Environmental Ethics

PHI 3641 Business Ethics



BSC 3057 Introduction to Environmental Studies



ENC 3310 Writing Prose

ENG 4013 Approaches to Literary Interpretation

THE 4524 Theatre for Social Change 

College of Education and Human Services

Leadership, Counseling, and Sports Mgmnt

LDR 4340 Resource Development for Community Organizations (not available to Sports Management majors)

LDR 3367 Facilitation (Honors)

LDR 4368 Senior Facilitation (Honors)

SPM 4113 Managerial Leadership in Sports


Excp, Deaf & Intrptv Educ

SLS 3408 Employability Skills & Career Success (offered through Career Services) 


Childhood Ed, Literacy, and TESOL

EEC 4054 Leadership and Service in Early Childhood Settings 

Brooks College of Health


NUR 4827 Leadership and Management in Nursing


Health Admin

HSC 4652 Healthcare Ethics and Cultural Diversity (not available for Health Admin. majors)

HAS 3111 Introduction to Health Administration (not available for Health Admin. majors)

Coggin College of Business 

Marketing & Logistics

MAR 4906 Social & Ethical Issues in Marketing


MAN 3025 Administrative Management (not available to Business majors)

MAN 4064 Organizational Ethics: A Global Perspective

MAN 4143 Effective Business Leadership

MAN 4201 Organizational Theory

MAN 4240 Organizational Behavior

MAN 4441 Negotiations

MAN 4600 International Management

GEB 4113 Entrepreneurship 

College of Computing, Engineering and Construction 

Electrical Engineering

EGN 4042 – Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement for Engineers

EEL 4930 Certain “Special Topic” courses may apply

EEL 4081 Topics on Rehab Engineering

EEL 4930 Special Topics in Electrical Engineering


Computer Science

CIS 4930 Certain “Special Topic” courses may apply

CIS 3253 Legal and Ethical Issues in Computing

CIS 3526 IT Project Management

CIS 4900 Independent Study

CIS 4327 Information Systems Sen Project I

CIS 4328 Information Systems Sen Project II

COS 3949 Experiential Studies in Computing

CEN 4010 Software Engineering


Civil Engineering

CGN 4151 Engineering Management

CGN 3930 Special Topics in Civil Engineering

CGN 4931 Special Topics in Civil Engineering

CGN 4804 Senior Capstone Design II


Mechanical Engineering

EML 4930 Special Topics: Mechanical Engineering

EML 4930 Professional Issues in Engineering

EML 4552 Senior Capstone Design II

EML 4320C Integrated Design/Manufacturing

EGN 4042 Problem Solving and Continuous


Construction Mgmnt

BCN 4730 Construction Safety

BCN 4956 Study Abroad: Construction Management

BCN 4709 Construction Project Management Capstone

BCN 4753 Construction Finance

BCN 4775 International Construction