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Feedback Survey for the Taylor Leadership Institute

The Taylor Leadership Institute values your feedback! If you have completed the Leadership Minor, or have participated in TLI leadership programs, events, and services, please complete this survey to provide feedback!   

Please tell us how satisfied or dissatisfied you were with the following.


1) When did you (or when will you) graduate with the Leadership Minor? 




2) How satisfied were you (or are you) with your Leadership Minor experience?

3) Overall, how satisfied were you (or are you) with the courses and program of study for the Leadership Minor?

4) Have you attended additional TLI leadership events and programs?

5) How many sessions did you attend?


6) Overall, how satisfied were you with TLI leadership events and programs that you have attended?

Please tell us how much you agree or disagree with the following statements.

7) Overall, TLI leadership programs, events, and services are appropriate and informative.

8) Overall, TLI leadership programs, events, and services are organized.

9) TLI staff is helpful and courteous.

10) What kinds of leadership programs, events, and/or services would you like to see included at TLI in the future?

11) What did you like most about TLI leadership programs, events, and/or services?

12) What did you like least about TLI leadership programs, events, and/or services?

13) Will you continue to participate in TLI leadership programs, events, and/or services (including participation as an alumni)? 

14) Would you recommend TLI leadership programs, events, and/or services to others?

15) In what ways could TLI leadership programs, events, and/or services be improved?