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About the Experiential Learning Transcript (ELT)


The Experiential Learning Transcript is a unique hands-on tool available to students who have declared the leadership minor and have completed LDR3003 (Introduction to Leadership). The ELT might be described as an online journal where students create their leadership portfolios and practice experiential learning by documenting their developing understanding of their emerging leadership style in the context of real world experience. This is further fortified by an expanding body of "classroom knowledge" and “reflective practice.” The process for preparing the narratives for the ELT postings is in fact the real moment of the “learning experience” as the learning outcomes associated with particular leadership practice activities become more meaningful and mindful to the students.


The ELT enables students to document co-curricular leadership learning experiences that occur outside the classroom. Leadership minors can use the ELT to reflect on a wide array of experiential activities from leadership practice, including volunteerism, employment, travel abroad, internships, and a host of campus and community projects and activities. Writing an ELT entry employs "reflective practice" as it stimulates students to assess the significance of leadership activities in terms of their impact on a range of leadership development outcomes. Leadership activities can cut across several platforms including (1) on-campus activities, (2) off-campus activities including employment; (3) personal/family life events; and (4) course-related activities. Each activity can generate multiple "learning experiences", with each learning experience demonstrated by a particular leadership development outcome and skill.


NOTE: The Taylor Leadership Institute has recently begun to implement improvements to the ELT program. For students who have already initiated any ELT entries, please continue to do so. As TLI further develops the ELT practice, additional updates will become available. If you have any additional questions please contact TLI at 904-620-5934, email, or stop by and speak with a staff member.