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Curricular Programs

Through curricular engagement, students learn about the importance of leadership, to develop and reflect on their emerging leadership style and effectively practice applying leadership competencies and skills daily in academic, professional, and personal settings. 


Curricular engagement encompasses academic support coordination and management along with advising support services. Stop by TLI for more information on declaring the leadership minor and enrolling in leadership classes!

Leadership Minor

An interdisciplinary minor available to any undergraduate student across all majors at the university. This minor has academic learning outcomes that offer opportunities for personal and professional leadership development to students, enabling them to acquire an important credential on their academic transcript that complements their major. Students must maintain a minimum 2.50 institutional (UNF) GPA.


4 Courses (12 credits)

  1. LDR3003: Introduction to Leadership
  2. Primary Leadership Elective
  3. Interdisciplinary Leadership Elective
  4. LDR4263: Leadership Practicum

Leadership Electives

In partnership with faculty and leadership liaisons across all six colleges, TLI identifies courses that have rigorous leadership objectives, and provides advising for students seeking to enroll in courses that will engage and enhance their leadership development. Students have over 50+ leadership electives to choose from throughout all of the six colleges at UNF. Not only do these courses meet requirements for students’ majors, but leadership elective courses also include core leadership competencies that advance student learning. Students have options to choose electives within their own college, or explore courses outside of their major that will give them additional knowledge and skills in various leadership context. Students craft their own course of study, creating the opportunity to develop and apply leadership philosophy while pursuing their personal development and professional aspirations.

Learning Outcomes

Leadership learning outcomes and their related indicators are grounded in the literature on student leadership learning in higher education as well as integration with UNF's goals, values, and commitment to community-based learning. When studying and practicing leadership, students identify specific learning outcomes associated with curricular and co-curricular activities on and off campus.

Student Scholarships

In an ongoing effort to continue our pursuit of excellence and provide every opportunity for our students to succeed, TLI offers a student leadership scholarship each year to a qualifying candidate.